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Leaving LO for the first time

This Saturday DH and I will be going on a date night for our anniversary while my parents watch DD. Who has already left their LO with family/sitters? How did it go? Where you a wreck? Lol.

I'm going to try desperately not to check in with them while we're gone. I know I'll never live it down if I do!

Re: Leaving LO for the first time

  • So far, I've only left him with my mom for about 30 minutes while I run to to the store. I also left him in the nursery at church (my mom and grandma are the nursery workers so I guess it doesn't really count like a real nursery) for an hour while I went to Sunday School. Saturday, DH and I are going to the Texas A&M football game and I'm leaving him with my mom for probably 4-5 hours. It is going to be so weird to be away from him that long but I know that my mom will text me pictures and videos.
  • I bit the bullet early on this one. At about 2 weeks we left him with my MIL at our house while we went out to eat and stopped by walmart. We were going to see a movie but luckily we missed the showing haha! Somehow I felt better spending date time in Walmart then hurrying home. He was fine. Then at 3 weeks I needed to go to urgent care so my SO took me and MIL watched him again for a few hours.
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  • I left LO with my sister at 4wks for an hour to get my hair done. Baby slept the whole time. I would probably leave her more for dinners out etc but we have no family here. My 2 regular babysitters are awesome with my toddlers but not so great with newborns so I probably won't leave her with the babysitters until she is 6 months.

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  • I left LO for about 3 hours with my aunt for my PP appointment this past Monday. It was okay, but I was really worried bc LO still has barely taken a bottle. Well she ended up fussing and fussing for her and then finally I guess got hungry enough bc she took the bottle. She had only taken a little over an ounce before I showed up, but was finally actually really latched to the bottle well and drinking while kind of passing out (she does this while she nurses but still actively nurses which she was with the bottle too). I hate that she was upset bc I think shes too small to deprive her if shes wanting something, but she has to take a bottle when I go back to work so at least now I know she will do it. We will be leaving her again in October for a date for our anniversary for about 5 or so hours. I so hope she takes the bottle easier then. I didnt call and txt while I was gone Monday, but I probably will txt that night to see if shes taking the bottle without waiting until shes starving.
  • I've left LO with my mom for a few hours here and there to run errands and go to appointments. This Saturday I'm leaving him overnight with my husband to go to a bachelorette party and I'm so nervous! Luckily we formula feed and my husband is amazing but still, who knows if I will end up staying overnight! It's about an hour drive.
  • We left DS with my mom overnight on Friday..he is 6 weeks and it went great! I 100% trust my mom with him and he loved being at grandmas! It was harder for me then I thought it would be but she sent lots of pics and brought him home early on Saturday.
  • I left DS for 3 hours last week to go to a group project meeting for the one class I'm taking this semester. I cried like a moron. Be was with my mom, so I knew he was fine, but I was still so sad! He was 5 weeks.

    @SashaDenn25 My pediatrician told me if DS had trouble with a bottle that I should offer him one every other day. Not force it if he isn't interested, but at least present it to him so he'll know it's an option. I did that twice and he started taking it. (Although he will not take it from me. DH or my mom can successfully give him a bottle. He won't even take a pacifier from me.)
  • @amk013 she wont take one from me at all either, but im going to try that every other day bc H is always asking to help and I just say no she wont take it. Looks like he will at least be trying every other day!!

    Also, I made a FB profile to only use to keep up with the group..maybe you could do that too?? :)
  • I have left DS with my sister a few times now, for anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. Like other posters have said, I trust her with my life and know he will be perfectly well cared for. I miss him like crazy, but I don't worry about his wellbeing. As hard as it is for me I know it's good to start practicing now - my mom has a friend whose son is 12 and has never spent a night away from her. I really don't want to be one of those parents!
  • I have left her with DH while I run errands or he has taken her with him to run errands on "daddy daughter dates", we just left her with a close friend the other night for an hour so we could have a little date. I don't like leaving her, but as long as it's with somebody I trust completely I'm ok. I know since I have to go back to work it's good for me to have a little time away from her here and there so it's an easier transition, but at the same time I miss her so much and want to spend every moment with her.
  • I don't have enough pumped milk to leave DD :( but if I did I would leave her with my mom only at this point.

  • I totally agree with PP @kettlekitten - I'm lucky to have In-laws nearby to watch my LO. Even if it's just to run to Target, or for a coffee run - it helps me to recharge and I don't worry too much while I'm out ❤️ haven't left him overnight yet!
  • I had a night out on the town with my girlfriends last Saturday while LO was with daddy. I could not stop talking about my baby girl. I called daddy all night long. I don't think I'll be leaving her anymore anytime soon.
  • At the end of October my dh and I are leaving our lo at his parents for the weekend for a conference and it would be to much to take him with us. When I found out we got the money to go I bawled my eyes out...#1 because I was excited. ..this is a huge deal for my dh and I and #2 because it meant leaving my baby . I know his parents will take amazing care of him and his mom totally understands if I text and call every 20 minutes. Lol
  • He's stayed with daddy a few times while I've run errands but we haven't both left him yet. Our first date night willing be in a few weeks and he'll stay with my mom (hopefully!) I'm not quite ready to leave him with my in-laws for no real reason
  • I left DD with my mom when she was 10 days old. I was depressed and my doctor told me to get out of the House. I cried the whole time and looked at her pictures. lol. Since the Zoloft has kicked in I leave her quite regularly with the in laws. She starts daycare in 2 1/2 weeks. That will be harder.
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  • We had one date night a few weeks ago but were only gone for a couple of hours. We went to a show and there was a little girl next to us whose profile looked exactly like my baby girl's! It made me miss her so bad and I kept tearing up through the whole thing. Then I rushed him through dinner so we could go get her.

    Also left her with my mom for a couple of hours today while I got groceries. Thought about her the whole time. How am I supposed to return to work?
  • @SashaDenn25 I made a bump Facebook profile today! I joined the group :)
  • Dang.. I feel awful. I've left Tanner with my parents and my sister probably about 4 or 5 times maybe more. It definitely gets easier the more you let others watch them. I wouldn't say I was anxious. Just ready to see my Tanner asap!
  • @kelseyrayay having family you trust nearby makes a huge difference. My mom and SIL and sister all live 10-15 hrs drive away. I would leave my 5wk old with them but I can't leave her with my college babysitters yet.

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  • This week was the first time I have left him alone with MIL for 2-3 hours each evening to work on the final prep of our house for inspections. I felt really alone and "naked" without him, but I have to admit that I felt refreshed when I came back (even though I had been working the whole time away from him). He is STILL on his breathing/heartrate monitor, so I was nervous about what MIL would do if it went off...but he has not had many alarms lately so I figured it was less likely than his first month home where it sounded all the time. She texted me every hour or so giving me updates which made me feel better.
  • amk013 said:

    @SashaDenn25 I made a bump Facebook profile today! I joined the group :)

  • I had to leave DD at 1 week so I could go to a meeting with the superintendent of the school district where I work (was just hired for a permanent teaching position!) I was a wreck & thankfully I wasn't gone as long as I thought & LO slept most of the time. DH.& I also left LO with my mom for an hour at 2 weeks to go on a walk with our dog (and I needed to get out of the house!) I'm going back to work in a couple weeks, so I guess I have to start getting used to it.

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  • DH and I left our LO with my parents a few weeks ago so that we could go out forour anniversary and last week DH watched him for a few hours while I got a pedicure and a haircut. I was surprisingly okay both times, I just missed my little guy. I should probably start leaving him with my parents a little more since they will be watching him when I go back to work...
  • I've only left her once in 7 weeks for two hours with my husband when I had a photo session to shoot. I'm hoping to leave her more though. She is my first nurser so I didn't leave her as soon as I did my other two.
  • I'm totally unprepared to leave her when I go back to work. The longest I've been without her was when I left her with DH for maybe 30 minutes when I ran out to pick up a pizza. My family all lives 6 hours away, except for my sister, who I would trust to watch her, but she just had a double mastectomy and is recovering, so that isn't an option for several weeks still.
  • I live with my mom, so she's taken LO for a few hours at a time since he was 5 days old. Usually its just to run errands or pick my brother up at work. I can't stop thinking about him the entire time so I text her often.

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  • I've left him with DH a couple times just to run to the store but will be leaving him with my best friend on Tuesday for about 4 hours. She is one of the few people I would feel comfortable leaving him with at this point.
  • I feel terrible. I've left LO quite a few times with my mom or my grandma. My mom offered to keep him overnight this weekend & I'm kind of freaking. DH and I could definitely use the break, things are getting tense around here, but I don't want my baby to be away from me. Struggles. :((
  • This is my 4th child and at this point I'm not nearly as worried or concerned leaving her with my mom, my aunt, sister because I know she'll be well taken care of. After your first baby it just gets easier and easier
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    I'm gonna be leaving LO for the first time tomorrow. We're going to buy her Halloween costume then go see a movie. MIL is watching her and has watched her a couple times before. Leaving her for a couple hours isn't bothering me, it's that MIL wants to keep my daughter at her house overnight. She's slept over at our house to watch her for the night before while we got some sleep. But my baby staying elsewhere for the whole night?! Ahhh! :((
    Also, she's got a dog that barks at everything. Ugh.
  • Honestly, I've been leaving LO overnight with her grandmothers and it's been such a blessing. The first time was very hard, but it got easier. She goes over to one of their homes once a week to give me one good night's rest. Makes for a much happier momma. I get her as soon as I'm up in the morning and catch up on all the missed snuggles and kisses<3.
    Back "then," mothers often had many of their family members help out with LOs. The whole saying "it takes a village" really applies here. We don't have that as much today.

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  • So last night was our date night. It was hard leaving her mostly because she was bawling when we left for our reservation. My parents were troopers but they did say that she cried almost the whole time and completely refused a bottle. Part of me hated that she was so difficult for my parents and that she was upset. Part of me loves that I'm not easily replaced! She missed her mommy! :)
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