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Any Tips to get baby to feed easier?

My baby is 7 days old today. It's crazy to think she's that old. I ended up not producing anything for the first few days and she got really hungry. We ended up having to introduce bottles so she could eat. Since then nursing has gotten way way better. However, I'm still frustrated with it. She sometimes takes an hour to get full. Sometimes she takes 20 minutes. During those hour long feedings I have to fight her to eat and its SOO hard to do. I really want to nurse but fighting her to eat is so frustrating I'm ready to throw in the towel. I'm not going to of course, but It's sooo hard not to. Just wanted to see if anyone had tips I could try to help her along? 

Re: Any Tips to get baby to feed easier?

  • Keep at it, it WILL get better! My LO is 10 weeks tomorrow and it was kinda hellish through the 5 week mark and definitely thought of quitting around 1.5 weeks. He was just 5 lbs (at 38 weeks!) and initially didn't really "get" sucking so we were doing boob, formula supplement and then pumping. Feeds would last forever! When I got really depressed about it I started just pumping and giving him a bottle. That got me through the hump and then as he got bigger and bigger he's gotten to be a total boob man. It just takes patience and both of you have to get used to it. As your baby gets better at it she'll be more efficient and it'll start taking 20-30 min instead of an hour. Never thought I'd be one to say that now I think breastfeeding is really enjoyable! Just stick to it and tough it out during cluster feeds and growth spurts, those still make me want to cry!!
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    I've been worried about doing the bottle as I don't want her to choose it and not breast feed. My husband keeps pushing me to get her to take a bottle when I'm that frustrated but I feel bad giving her one because I'm afraid that she will take it  and not go back to nursing. I should know better though, She went from mostly bottle fed the first couple days to now I've only had to introduce it to once a day and she seems to be doing fine other than the 1 or 2 nursing times that takes an hour to get her fed cuz she falls asleep. It's good to know that it's working for you. I thiink it will make me feel better about giving her a bottle when I'm super frustrated. 
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  • We didn't have any issues going back and forth between bottle and breast. If you're going back to work it's probably easier to make sure she gets used to both now, I know some who EBF and had problems getting LO to start taking a bottle at 8-10 weeks before they had to go back to work.

    We also started using a pacifier at 1 week and have not had any issues with nipple confusion, FWIW.
  • Idk if this could be an issue for you or not. But when I'm super full my DD refused to nurse also. My one side was engorged and the other side was only about half full. She would throw her head and just open her mouth but not latch. As soon as I offered the other side she latched immediately. I've been a big producer so I pump when I become too full and then nurse her. Just a thought. Gl!

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  • Hmm I usually do start leaking quite a bit when I start feeding her. Maybe I'll try that! 
    Thank you!
  • If she's falling asleep while eating maybe try stripping her down to just a diaper before eating and I've heard if you gently squeeze your breast when they start slowing down that it'll "force" them to drink more which helps them stay awake
  • My LO was also fighting eating. It took us forever to diagnose reflux, but once we did, it got a lot better. 
  • It has gotten a lot better over the last week. Still having issues. Some days better than others. I'm thinking that it might just be to much milk at once, she gags and coughs quite often. If I'm not as full she eats way easier. But if I'm to the point where I'm so full I'm dripping, it is a fight to get her to eat! 
  • Have you tried a different position? My lo is 8 days old and I have always had to kind of fight him to latch. Not to mention his fussing caused a horrible latch and A LOT of pain for me. I kinda knew something wasn't right but I just suffered through.

    Today I switched him to a football hold and it has made such a difference! No fussing, great latch, no pain... and best of all he seems to be so much more efficient this way. He's getting a ton more milk in half the time. He's happier about eating and sleeping way better in between feeds. It appears my little guy just didn't like being on his side to eat.
  • Then you can express some milk before you start...
  • It gets so much better and the more you nurse her the better you and her will get at it. I felt like breastfeeding was a real struggle for six weeks and can still be challenging at times and my lo is 3 1/2 months. When I feel let down I try to lean back so the milk does not come out as fast. I noticed he would often struggle with a fast let down. When I was engorged he had difficulty latching on at first. It was so hard in the beginning both of us learning, him crying and getting his hands in the way and then me crying. It takes practice but will get easier and is worth the struggle.
  • Don't feel bad if you need to use a bottle sometimes. Your little one is being fed, that is what matters. The fact that she's getting your milk is icing on the cake. My 2 month old was partially tongue-tied, so proper latching was very difficult and was always painful to try. He fussed, I cried.. Nobody was happy.

    I exclusively pump and couldn't feel more relieved. He eats and is happy, so I'm happy. I still can cuddle him even if he's not attached to my boobs. Also, with the bottle, dad gets to have cuddles during meals too.

    You do whatever you feel is best. Keep your head up!
  • I've been honestly debating exclusively pumping, but I know nursing is supposed to be good bonding and good for her so I've been trying my hardest to do so. I've been leaning more towards bottles when Its a struggle to feed her though. It's been working out great so far and she doesn't seem to have an issue with going back and forth. As long as I'm not leaking, she latches on just fine :) 
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