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my little man is still in his infant car seat. I have been looking at different convertable ones and can't figure what I'm actually needing to buy. He's getting to that point where he will be too big soon. Has anyone moved to a different car seat yet? If so what kind and what's your opinion of it over all.

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  • I got a convertible car seat at my baby shower. I plan on switching from my infant car seat to it very soon. When looking for one make sure it' allows for both rear and front facing. Look for one that has different stages like head support for smaller babies that can be removed as they get bigger
  • We have a Graco MyRide 65 and a Diono Radian R100 (for my now 4 year old). Both from amazon, if I remember correctly.

    Graco: Rear facing to 40 lbs, forward facing to 65 lbs and 50 inches. My tall (85ish %) 4 year old still fits fine and will for some time. Bigger and bulkier, but more side/head support for smaller babies. Fairly easy to install.

    Radian: Rear facing to 40 lbs, convertible to 65, and then booster to 100 lbs. Good for extended rear facing with tall kids. Very slim profile in car, but if you don't use the angle adjuster the front seat has to be WAY forward, so definitely get it. Easy to install. HEAVY. Only con would be that the sides are slimmer/more open (totally safe and side impact tested, just slimmer) so if your kid is smaller or sleeps in the car a lot, their isn't really a head rest. But, other Radian models have body/head supports so that's an option. 

    For this little one, she will probably use the Graco until I buy a 5pt harness booster for my son, then she'll go in the Radian. If I have to buy another carseat, it will either be another R100 or the Radian RXT (harness weight limit is a little higher, as in booster weight limit.) 

    Hope that helps!
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  • We use the Chicco Nextfit Convertible. $300. LOVE IT! My almost 3 year old uses it front facing, and we started baby in it around 4 months (rear facing). We have 2 in my car and 2 in my husband's car, we are lazy and don't like moving it. It's easy to install, just bulky and on the heavier side. They'll be in it for a long time. Both my kids are above 90% for height, seat is still comfy for them. image
  • I am also looking at convertible car seats, especially since Toys R Us is having their big car seat trade up  sale. I was looking at getting the Graco Milestone All-in-1, to keep in my car and leave hubby with the infant car seat for awhile longer since we mostly use my car for family rides. It has great reviews on target and can grow with children from a rear-facing infant car seat to a forward-facing car seat, all the way to a high back booster.It also has a 10-position adjustable head-rest and 4-position recline. Anyone have experience with this one?
  • We just got a new one today. We got the graco forever car seat. We figured why spend that kind of money on one if it didn't include everything we'd eventually need. It will last 10 years, so I'm the long run the $300 wasn't really much. I just wish we had gotten it when we was an infant - we hardly used our click connect /:
  • The Graco Milestone All in One is on sale now at Target for $206.99!
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