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Freezing milk supply...amounts?

So I am a FTM and I have been breastfeeding and pumping daily since I will be needing to go back to work and also have some times where my LO will need to be babysat and I won't be around to feed him. My question is for moms now who are pumping and freezing for similar reasons. How much do you freeze at once in each bag? My pediatrician recommended 1-2 ounces so there is no waste of the "liquid gold". But do I do this for ever? Do I freeze what I pump each day in a single bag or separate into smaller ounce bags?? Anyone have any experience with daycare and the amounts they leave for their child during the day??

Re: Freezing milk supply...amounts?

  • I just went back to work & my 5 month old boys eat 4oz of breastmilk every 3 hours while I'm away
  • I stored 4-5 oz bags and my LOs ate 4-5 oz bottles. Circumstances that made this work: My kids completed a bottle in full. My DCPs respected BM.

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  • Thanks ladies!! I know each baby will be somewhat different but this helps give me somewhat of a guideline to at least get started!! Thank you!
  • My 2 month old takes 4 oz or just over at almost every meal( every 3 hours during the day, and usually a 4-5 hour stint at night)

    I usually prep 4 bottles worth for the fridge and then send a couple "emergency tubes" of frozen milk in case I were to run late and he were to get hungry before I arrive. ( I am usually gone 8 1/2 hours, so he doesn't normally get to the 4th bottle)
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