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High / Low Weekend

Share your highs and lows from the weekend!

High: We managed a few outings without any crazy meltdowns, including a trip to the pediatrician on Friday (with an hour wait), an intimidating trip to Costco on Saturday, and a trip to my parents' house on Sunday.

Low: I realized that my supply hasn't been adequate for DS. He is 5 weeks today and has gained less than a pound since birth. The pediatrician wasn't concerned but DH and I have decided to switch to formula. It was a super tough decision with some tears to make the change.

Re: High / Low Weekend

  • High: Friday night we had a couples game night with some of our friends. The lo did so well with the craziness.
    Low: We did not get home until 130 in the morning from the game night. Thank goodness for naps!
  • High: our dog had puppies!
    Low: our dog hemorrhaged and died, along with one of the puppies. Now if I don't want the other ones to die I'm going to have to bottle feed them (if my husband can keep them alive until Saturday when we come home from the hospital..)
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  • @toccoaparker you are the strongest woman ever! Sorry to hear about your dog :/( be encouraged !

    High- a lot of family got to meet our baby boy as he turned one month! So much love

    Low- so many guests I'm tired from my weekend, got no time with dh before this week starts, and I missed my nail and facial appt Bc of all the damn guests !
  • @toccoaparker I am so sorry to hear that! Prayers for extra strength for you.
  • High: beautiful weather this weekend, LO got a lot of air, ran some errands successfully and got baptized yesterday! (And slept through it!)

    Low: we haven't been getting much sleep lately! Not much else luckily!
  • High: DH and I got to go out with friends and have drinks while my sister watched tanner.

    Low: I haven't had hard liquor in so long I we puking the entire night

    I have not been brave enough for liquor yet, but DH sure has been trying to persuade me [-(
  • My high and low are the same: we took a road trip to introduce DD to my grandparents (her great grandparents). It was so wonderful to see them and they were so grateful that we came. But it's also so hard to see them because they are in such poor health. And I know that each time I see them there's a good chance it will be the last. :(
  • High: pumpkin patch visit was a success and cookout went well and MIL cleaned up before she left!

    Low: being busy all weekend made it to by so fast so I feel like I had no time with H.
  • High: baby's first festival & outdoor concert, dinner and a lunch out with no meltdowns

    Low: wanted to stay up after his MOTN feeding last night
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  • High: Yesterday was a great day! DH cooked steaks and the Cowboys won.

    Low: DH left his brand new phone on the back of his truck and drove off. We can't find it and now have to fork over the money for a new one, thank goodness for insurance.
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    @toccoaparker So sorry to hear about your dog and puppy :( Hopefully the other pups thrive with bottle feeding!! @kelseyrayay I had a whole beer last night, had a slight buzz and threw up like 3 hours later. I guess my body wasn't used to it either! I remember when I used to be fun.. lol. High - Went to 2 weddings this weekend with Patrick and he (for the most part) behaved himself! Low - DH and I got into a bit of a fight over how Patrick is 4 months and he still hasn't helped at night or changed a diaper.. AND he still gets to go out w/ friends and drink occasionally, so pretty much nothing has changed for him and I get the screaming, poopy boy only when he's not happy. Ugh.
  • High: DH and I got to go out with friends and have drinks while my sister watched tanner.

    Low: I haven't had hard liquor in so long I we puking the entire night

    I have not been brave enough for liquor yet, but DH sure has been trying to persuade me [-(
    Definitely take it slow when you do drink. That was my mistake.
  • High: LO and I made it to church for the 3rd week in a row (and we were even early. DH got up and completely took over a MOTN feeding while I slept for the first time. Mom came over and watched LO so I could clean my house on Saturday.

    Low: My throat hurts so I hope I'm not getting sick. The house is no longer clean because we live here. I'm starting to realize that a clean house and newborn don't mix well.
  • High: I'm completely loving my new gym and had a great workout Sunday morning!

    Low: that football game.... Ugh. I've never seen anything so ugly!

    @toccoaparker so sorry about your dog. Losing a pet is SO hard. :(
  • @SassetteSmurfling you better tell us about this new class youre taking at the gym in the fit momma check in tomorrow!
  • Low: After 4 weeks off, DH had to go back to work yesterday. :-(

    High: DS and I survived my first day alone with him!
  • @SashaDenn25 oh I will. It's UH-MAY-ZING! But I followed it by having chocolate cake and vanilla fudge swirl ice cream for dinner.

    Ya win some, ya lose some! ;)
  • @toccoaparker I'm so sorry for your loss! Sending Prayers and good vibes your way! I lost my dog two weeks before LO was born. (He was stolen right out of our yard) I know it's not the same but pets are like family and I know the feeling! Stay strong!

    High: I bought LO the halo sleep sack and it worked like a charm! We got our first 3 hour stretch and we all feel like humans after getting longer blocks of sleep!

    Low: this damn California heat wave! It hit 100 degrees yesterday. LO was so fussy and sweaty all day. Mixed in with her first wonder week... It was not a good day yesterday!
  • Hi:Got to get out with the kids and enjoy the last bit of summer weather.

    Low: I still haven't folded the kids laundry from a w/o ago or unpacked threeboxes from the move a month ago and it's starting to make my house cluttered.

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    @toccoaparker sorry about your sweet fur babies :(

    High: did a little babywearing and Cherry went right to sleep after I put her in it. Made a few laps around the driveway but then the wrap started making me hot lol.

    Low: She had a screaming fit last night which never happens. Crying yes, but screaming no. I felt bad because we had a hard time calming her down.

    I forgot, I also threw up last night and I have no idea why.
  • High: lo now sleeping in 3 hour streches for the most part.

    Low: when lo is awake seems to cry the whole 3 hrs cannot be settled.

  • High: we are visiting my mom and step dad at their campground and got to introduce Declan to many of the people here who have been anxiously awaiting his arrival. There are tons of people who have annual sites and are here all summer every summer so they are really like family.

    Low: tried to have a wiener roast last night since we are heading home today but got rained out :(
  • High: LO stayed overnight Friday at my moms and did great!

    Low: my inlaws came for way too long of a visit yesterday and would not leave DS alone which lead to no daytime nap and then the most epic meltdown we have ever had around bath time/bedtime (no they still hadn't left by then!!) I finally had to demand then to hand over my child and tell them it was time to go!
  • High: My parents stayed with us for 1 week and it wasn't too bad. I got to take 2 naps a day, and every time I woke up there was food prepared for me.. awesome! We went to church, the fishing pier, walking around the block, and dairy queen with DS.

    Low: Still trying to get LO off of the nipple shield, only 10% of the feedings now are done without it. He sleeps in his crib only for one 2 hour stretch before I end up putting in his rock n play, still working on that. 
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  • @toccoaparker sorry to hear about your dog. Losing a pet is so hard.

    High: baby V let mommy sleep so we could get out and about and I didn't feel like a zombie all weekend. We had a low key weekend since our weekend actually is Monday and Tuesday.

    Low: the weather has made a significant change here and it is obvious that summer is over.

  • @toccoaparker I'm so sorry about your dog. It's so hard to lose a pet. You will be in my thoughts & prayers.

    High: Went to visit DH's family (about 3 hours away) with him, MIL, and baby on Saturday. We stayed at his aunt's house and MIL offered to watch DD all night! :-bd DH and I stayed up, had drinks, & watched football...and then got a whole night's sleep for the first time since she was born!

    Low: Got nothing done around the house because we were gone and my mom is coming this week. It's crunch time! Gotta get the house presentable ASAP.
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