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Sleeping without a swaddle...

My doctor suggested having LO out of the swaddle by 3 months.  We're almost at 10 weeks and he will. not. sleep. without a swaddle.  During the day I try to lay him down without one, but it never works.  I try putting him down both asleep and drowsy.  If he's not in his swaddle though, no matter how tired, he instantly wakes up.  It stresses me and my partner far too much to let him cry it out.  If I try loosening the swaddle, he breaks out and wakes up in the middle of the night.  Any suggestions?  

I'll add that the way he falls asleep is usually we'll change him, swaddle him, breastfeed him until he falls asleep in my arms, then we lay him down and he stays soundly asleep for 8+ hours swaddled.

Re: Sleeping without a swaddle...

  • If the doctor only *suggested* it... Why mess with a good thing? My girl always hated the swaddle. I'd love to have a way to get her to sleep for 8 hours!!
  • I know, right?!  I am so happy with the swaddle and it makes nights SO much better.  He is such a great sleeper.  I would love to abide by the doctor's orders, but my sanity comes first! Ha!  Her exact words were, "I like to have them out of the swaddle by month 3."
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  • My pedi said that we'll need to let him cry it out a bit when we drop the swaddle. Baby is used to sleeping with it, but without it they have to find a new way to sleep without it and it makes them uncomfortable. The only way for them to find a way to be comfortable is through trial and error, and they'll likely cry when the get frustrated. Every time you go in to get them and comfort and put back down, they have to start all over.

    We opted to get a Zipadee Zip blanket to help him transition from the swaddle, and he loves it. He fussed and cried on and off for about an hour the first night, but after that he's been great...figured out what works for him and can fall asleep on his own (usually) with no issues.

  • What kind of swaddle were you using? Try the "Love to Dream Swaddle Up" we love it. It allows hands to be up near face (based on the science that even in the womb babies use their hands for self-soothing) but still restricts movement to avoid them startling. There are different stages too. We have one for when he's older were you transition to one arm out, then both.
  • Have you looked at the magic sleep suit? It's supposed to be a great way to transition out of the swaddle. We didn't try it with DS1 because it was summer and too hot to use it, but I think we might try it this time. Even with the swaddle we only get 3 hours. If I was getting as much sleep as you I wouldn't worry about it yet!
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  • My dd hates being swaddled but just curious as to the doctors reasoning behind having to stop using it?
  • @jmucc421 they want you to stop swaddling around 3-4 months so that if the baby were to roll over, they could roll themselves back. It lowers the suffocation risk.

  • @asherk ohh that makes sense..thanks!
  • I personally wouldn't change it, in fact I didn't. My second had colic and he remained swaddled until 6 months old. My oldest was probably 3-4 months. Each baby is different, I'd say this is more of a parenting call.
  • I think it's a safety thing. Once baby shows signs of rolling you don't want to swaddle anymore. We use the halo swaddle and leave the arms out as a way to transition. He does sleep better swaddled, though.
  • Em I'm the only one who doesn't swaddle their baby? He was only swaddled for the first two weeks after birth.
  • @Youngwithra i haven't swaddled since about two weeks either! He hated it after coming home from the hospital!
  • I think I'm going to try magic Merlin sleep suit!!
  • I have 4 comfort and harmony peanut shaped swaddlers one of which you can unbutton the sides and his arms can stick out my little man sleeps 6 to 7 hours a night swaddled and he's 2 months old today I won't be taking it away for awhile yet!
  • You can have them in the swaddle when they're older if they are in a sleeper with a lap belt to prevent rolling over.
  • @ecloho we just started using the Love to Dream transition swaddle up. Our DD loves it (and therefore I love it). I would definitely recommend to anyone!
  • Any pediatrician who told me I might need to let my baby cry it out a bit would no longer be my pediatrician. End. Of. Story. (For me)
  • Em I'm the only one who doesn't swaddle their baby? He was only swaddled for the first two weeks after birth.

    I haven't swaddled since he came home from the hospital. We did it for maybe a week, bit we're not very good at it and he kept getting out anyway. He likes his hands by his mouth.
  • @Youngwithra We have never swaddled either of our sons except in the hospital. They both hated it. They both have slept in the rock n play, oldest one until he started rolling over (like 3.5-4 months) then he transitioned to a crib and was fine. All babies are different!!!!
  • @ecloho swaddle twins
    My first child stayed in his love to dream swaddle suit until well after one, he was an awesome sleeper in it- in fact he could roll, stand up and walk in his cot in it - so we didn't mess with a good thing
    DD loves hers too
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