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I am calling on mommies in the Mercer County NJ area (or surrounding areas if you are willing to drive). I was a former August Mommy who became a June Mommy when my son had to be delivered in an emergency csection. I pumped milk for him from day 1, and was very successful at it (to the point where I got 8oz per session). However, he got blood in his stool while in the NICU...and after a bunch of testing I was told that his gut was too underdeveloped to process the proteins in dairy. I cut it out of my diet immediately. The blood stopped for a short while and started up again. I was then told that I needed to also cut soy out of my my current living situation it was not realistic (the dairy was already a huge challenge). So after trying dairy and soy free baby formulas, he had to be put on the amino acid formula because he was just too sensitive. I promise this is the end of that to the point...I have an abundance of breast milk that I have no use for (see pictures). Some of it was on a regular healthy diet, and some of it was on a dairy free diet (although I am human, so I could not guarantee that 100% which is why I decided to opt for formula to be totally certaint that he was getting what he needed). If you are a mom who has struggled with her production, or you were unable to pump, I am offering up my stash to a good home. I opted not to go through a donation bank because they make a profit and that is not right in my books. There is no point in holding onto it if it will go bad before he is able to try it again...I would rather give it to someone who needs it for their baby. I am a non-smoker and I do not drink alcohol (only on rare occasions...the last being my wedding almost 4 years ago). I was quite the fitness fanatic before I got pregnant and I eat an overall healthy diet. I went through IVF, so I had all the tests done for serious illnesses or diseases etc, and got the stamp of good health. Since my milk was pumped for personal use, it went right from the breast to the freezer...other than the portions being used at the time. You will need to bring your own coolers and ice...I am not sure how many you would need. So, if you, or someone you know, is in need of good milk for your/their baby, please let me know. But if you want to chat with me first, or discuss pickup details...let me know and I will give you my contact info. The milk is in 2 locations (3 minute drive apart from each other) since I filled up my brother in laws freezer first, and then started filling up the freezer in our new house - neither house is currently occupied so the milk is uninterrupted in the freezers. I know it seems strange, but it would break my heart to throw it out after all the hours I lovingly put myself through the strict regime of pumping, and I know how so many people struggle. After all, it is known as "liquid gold".

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