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Short cervix, bed rest + progesterone success story!

Hi, ladies!

For all of the short cervixed gals I thought I'd share that I had my baby girl a little early, 37 weeks 6 days, last Saturday.

I had a LEEP in '05 so I went into this pregnancy knowing that I had a short cervix. My cervix was dynamic and actually lengthened, but when I went down to 2.6 again my doctor put me on couch potato rest and vaginal progesterone twice a day. (I asked for a cerclage, but she didn't want to give me one.)

It was long, boring and sometimes depressing, but at 35 weeks they took me off of progesterone (although I stayed on couch potato rest).

I week before my cervix had moved and was soft, but not dialated. I had also been losing a small amount of mucus at a time two weeks prior.

I woke up Saturday at 4:30 in the morning leaking a relatively small amount of pink tinged fluid. I called my doctor's office, of course my doctor was not on call! About 20 minutes later the on-call doctor hadn't called back but I lost a bigger gush of water on the bathroom floor so we headed for the hospital. I live in a suburb at least 30 minutes away and by the time they checked me I was 3 cm. (and that check broke the rest of my water).

I know how terrified and helpless I felt, so I wanted to let y'all know that couch potato rest and progesterone did work for me. I had one unrelated (to my cervix) miscarriage before this pregnancy so I was extra paranoid, but it is possible! Wishing all of you healthy pregnancies and to see you on the newborn boards!

Re: Short cervix, bed rest + progesterone success story!

  • Hi friend!
    I am SO happy to hear this! Congrats on your darling baby girl! Hoping you had a smooth, easy delivery. Please send photos stat!

    I too am doing well. 30 weeks, still on progesterone and still hanging in there around 2cm!

    Again, a huge congrats to you and your family!

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  • CONGRATS @PlainJane8350! Your posts and journey has been so inspirational to me, thank you so much for sharing! Hope you are getting some rest and enjoying time with your new baby!
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  • Delivery was a piece of cake, now recovery... Yikes!

    I can't figure out how to attach a photo from my phone! I see the Attach a File, but when I click on it nothing happens!

    You'll be posting the same thing in no time. The last several weeks go by so fast! Once your body starts giving you signs, get ready! I had an on-call doctor. In hindsight, I just wish I would have asked more questions since I didn't have an established relationship with one single person there! Like, how long will they let me push for, etc. Also, my first recovery nurse sucked! My sister had a doula and I made fun of her, but I wish I'd had one now just to advocate for me. Make sure they stay on top of ice packs in the first 12 hours. As soon as it gets warm, make them give you a new one. My swelling got so bad that I had to be cathederized and that was no fun!
  • Congrats on your healthy baby girl!!

    And thank you for sharing your story. I'm entering my 27th week with a short cervix and "taking it easy" and on progesterone. It's very nice to hear it can work and I hope to have a story like yours in 10+ weeks.
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  • I believe that you will, @breezypip! Just follow your doctor's orders and it will literally be here before you know it. Time goes do quickly towards the end.
  • I've been on bedrest (modified) and progesterone since 14 weeks due to a preterm labour at 17 weeks a year ago where we lost our son.
    I'm 27 weeks now and your story gives me so much hope! So thank you...and congrats :)
  • You'll get there, @juliesteve! The hardest part is almost over. Once you hit 28 weeks time flies!
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