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tips/advice the second time around

First I did try a search for this topic but didn't find it so if there is one please direct me and thanks in advance...
So I tried BF when our DS was born last year the first few days nothing happened and I got frustrated. Later I was able to nurse for the first three months but not enough and the supply dried up fast. I'm having another baby in Feb and would like to try again with better success. Is there anything I can do before going to the hospital or right after birth to help with feeding right away? Maybe bring lactation cookies or something? Thank you for advice/tips

Re: tips/advice the second time around

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    There's not much you can do prior to birth but here are some tips for after.

    1) Breastfeed as soon as possible after delivery and put baby to breast often.  Try to avoid giving bottles of formula, as the more he/she has the bottle, the less it's stimulating your breasts to make milk.  Babies often lose weight after birth so don't feel like you have to supplement at that time.  Their bellies are small and they don't need much in the beginning.

    2) Drink water.  Lots of water.  Keep a water bottle next to your bed and refill it as much as you need.

    3) Lots of skin to skin.

    4) Request to see a lactation consultant in the hospital.  They should have one available to you and even if nursing is going well, I'd use her as resource anyway.

    5) The hardest time for me was the first few weeks.  They go through various growth spurts and it can be hellish.  Some babies sleep a lot more, others are more fussy.  It may seem like your baby is constantly hungry and you'll think you aren't making enough milk for him/her.  This is normal.  Babies tend to nurse more during these spurts because they are sending a message to your body to make more milk they will need as they grow.  As long as they are having 6-8 dirty diapers a day, they are fine.

    6) Seek out your local La Leche League if you should have any questions.

    7) Many moms have found success by taking Fenugreek, blessed thistle, or other herbal supplements.  Eating oatmeal also helps.  Be careful, though, on drinking dark beer: it's not the beer itself that boosts milk supply, it's the brewers yeast.  Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you so it's better to just take the brewers yeast itself (it's gross and best mixed with something else).

    8) Get a breast pump.  In case you get engorged or need relief, it's helpful to have one.  Empty breasts= more milk.  Fuller breasts = less milk.

    Good luck!
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