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FTBFM Needs Advice!

Hi, ladies,

I'm a FTM to a six day old and, while I think my milk officially came in because I started seeing diaper changes, she used to get really fussy towards the end of her feedings, have a really loud wet BM, then seem to feel better. I also have trouble getting her to burp.

Other times, she seems hungry because she sucks on her arm and fists, but gets fussy and won't get on the breast.

Any advice or insight on either? No one I know successfully BF. My sister suggested that I take probiotics but, again, she only BF for two weeks.

Thank you all in advance!

Re: FTBFM Needs Advice!

  • DD2 used to get fussy during feedings but it was usually because she had to poop, burp, or was tired.  If she's fussy but doesn't want to take the breast, she may just need something to suck or she might be tired.  As long as she's BFing fine, it should be ok to give a pacifier, as long as your comfortable with it.

    Some breastfed babies don't need to burp as often because there is less air intake than with bottle feeding.  
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  • Thank you for replying! Of course I was starting to worry that she was allergic to my milk between her fussiness and how quickly it seems to go through her.
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  • 2 weeks in here, ftm bf. My little one has one side and tends to 9/10 poop whilst feeding. On the other side doesn't have as much and gets very fussy, I've discovered this is wind he can't shift even after burping! Mine too would suck on his hand after a feed and I was worried he was still hungry, would offer but wouldn't have so I presumed he just used to do this in the womb. He has calmed down on doing this over the 2 weeks. This time last week I seriously thought about giving up but each day gets better and easier. Congrats!!
  • Awe, @grannah, thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouragement. No one I know had successfully BF, it's do nice to be able to so easily find support! Thanks again. :x
  • Breastmilk has a pretty quick turn around rate, and its common for newborns to poop while nursing. A lot of moms nurse on one side, change a diaper, then switch baby to the second breast.

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  • @PlainJane8350 it's all a learning curve for both us and them. Mine was up most the night last night with wind but was ok on me. We just have to keep asking questions and talking to each other for support and encouragement :-)
  • Thank you, ladies! I never participated in my birth month group, but have been astounded by the resource and support that other groups were during my pregnancy. I sincerely appreciate all of your replies.
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