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2nd trimester screening

18 weeks pregnant with my second child and my quad screen came back abnormal. The nurse did not state for which defect. I have a appointment with a maternal fetal medicine clinic but I have to wait until the 22nd. I heard false positives are common. Has anyone else experienced something like this with their quad screen / second trimester screening?

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  • My doctor told me that since I'm carrying twins that any screening would probably not be accurate for me. She also said that the screenings are also based of statistics. She explained that, for example, if a particular tests range was that 1 out of 700 people your age have a baby with Down syndrome & your results come out saying you have a 1 out of 650 chance for Down syndrome than your result is positive. -Because the number was not over 700. She said because of this many women opt out of screening because of the stresses of a false positive when their baby had nothing wrong. If they find something abnormal on your ultrasound to corroborate with your screening results than that's different.
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  • Thanks for that. My doctor nor nurse has explained much to me and when I ask I get told they don't know other than it came back abnormal and I had to wait until my appointment with the maternal fetal medicine group.
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  • I second trimester screen came back with an elevated risk for Spina Bifida. Naturally, I freaked out. If turns out that my baby does not have Soina Bifida (false positive). Keep in mind that these are JUST SCREENS. They are not definitive whatsoever. If I were you I would be calling my doctors office back to see what came back abnormal... I am surprised they didn't give you that information. On the upside of having an abnormal screen, you will most likely be seeing a specialist instead of a normal ultrasound tech and so if anything is off, they are more likely to find it. I hope everything is ok!! I am sure it's fine. You are for more likely to be having a completely healthy baby than not, the odds are in your favour :).
  • Ya. I'd wait and see what the MFM says, they're the experts when it comes to stuff like that. They may be able to rule whatever it is out after doing an ultrasound or recommend a diagnostic test. I know it's hard, but try to hang in there until you meet with them. I saw one as my regular OB and she was great. Very knowledgeable and was one step ahead of everything the entire way. You and your baby will be in good hands.
  • Our screening came back with a 1:16 chance for T18 which was earth shattering news. After further testing and normal ultrasounds the docs are certain that our little guy does not have any genetic defects. Those initial screening tests can be SO stressful. The wait to meet with the mfm is horrible. I'll be thinking of you!
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