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The Glamorous Life

Good Morning ladies. I'm currently sitting in the comfiest chair in my house, wearing the same shirt for 2 days in a row (it's covered in milk leakage stains and I couldn't be bothered with trying to change out of it right now)
My one month old DD is "asleep" on my chest and I would rather not move than have her be awake and fussy. It was a long night last night... I'm posting this pic as proof that The Struggle, is in fact, real.

Re: The Glamorous Life

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  • @toccoaparker hang in there! We do it for our babies. They have asserted their dominance over us!
  • We are all so beautiful. Hugs to all and this special time will pass so fast (i keep telling myself this)
  • @Irichhx05 Awww look at that little face! Looking good momma!
  • @kjandericka oh no! Awww speaking of dogs, I miss my dog :( someone stole him right out of our yard two weeks before DD was born. And at least you get to shower later! Lol I can only manage a quick bathroom break at the moment since DD is going through a wonder week!
  • I wish DS would sleep on my chest! He did when he was first born, but if he sleeps on me now, he's laying across my chest.
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  • @KateDerek you look great!

    It's the filter on my iPhone I'm sure but thank you. You can't smell me though hehehe

  • @julesventura so sorry to hear about your dog! Mine have been driving me crazy lately but idk what I would do without them! And yes, I'm very lucky that DH is getting off work early today. We have dinner plans with friends tonight and I would probably be asked to leave the restaurant if I went like this!
  • Thank goodness I grabbed a shower but I'm right there with y'all... snuggled on the couch not daring to move cuz he's finally asleep!!
  • I'm stuck on the couch looking at the dust that's accumulated on the coffee table but not daring to move because Mr. Dissatisfied-at-everything has finally passed out on my chest. Well see how long this lasts. I did, however, shower because the sound of the shower zones him out. FWIW, I think you all look pretty great for not showering or sleeping! And props to those wearing make up! I'm not that advanced these days.
  • I recommend drawing brows on your baby... You won't be disappointed....

    Oh my goodness! I needed that laugh!
  • I had an appointment with my midwife this afternoon so I actually am presentable right now. This morning, though, my shirt had a huge wet spot from leaking while my little man ate from the other side, his onesie was wet from the leakage and my husbands shirt had a spot from holding LO in his wet onesie. Better to be covered in milk than poop or pee though, right? :)
  • I'm loving all your little chubby babies!
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