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Can any real life Francescas give me their opinion please?

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I love the name Francesca, but everyone I tell it too, either says nothing or say they don't like it, as it will get shortened to Fran, Frannie etc.... 
Please can I get as many thoughts as possible to gain a feel for the name, it's an important decision and would be great to get advice please 

Re: Can any real life Francescas give me their opinion please?

  • My name isn't Francesca but my aunts is. She went by Frankie well into adulthood. Never Fran or Frannie. Personally anytime anyone hears me refer to her they think it's a cool name and it's easily recognizable. Is it maybe just not common of a name or style of name in your area? For example if you live where trendy is the way to go then I think you can ignore negative names.

  • I have always loved this name, and it remains at the top of my list.  I knew the cutest little girl named Francesca when I was younger.  She went by Cessie (chessy) as a NN. 
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  • I have a cousin named Francesca and I've always loved her name. I've never heard anyone call anything other than her full name. Anyway, I hate the nn Fran but I love Frankie.
  • My mom actually almost named me Francesca. She loves the name and still does
  • A friend of mine is named Francesca and goes by Cheka. 


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    My parents almost named me Francesca, they chose Lauren instead and I am thrilled they did. It's certainly not a bad name, but NMS and definitely not my personality.
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  • A good friend's name is Francesca and she goes by Cesca
  • I know two and they both usually went by Francesca. They just told people they didn't like Frankie. We did call one Fran or Frannie but that was within our friend group and she didn't mind.
  • I have an English cousin named Francesca and no one calls her that. She is universally known as Frannie.

  • Not 100% relevant, but my neighbor's son is Francesco and he goes by Ciccio - never though to call him anything else.
  • My friend just named her new daughter Francesca yesterday! I LOVE it! People will call her whatever you do, until she can pick for herself, so I wouldn't worry about that.
  • I love it!


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  • Love Francesca and my favorite nn is Francie!
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  • My goddaughter is francesca
    and she is either francesca or chessie

  • I know a little girl who is 6 named Francesca and goes by Francie 100% of the time.  Her parents didn't want her to be a Frankie so they immediately started calling her Francie and it has never been an issue in the last 6 years!
  • I know a little girl named Francesca and she goes by Frankie all the time because that is what her parents wanted. I think if you set up a nickname from the start it will stick. 

  • I know four of them (two of them being children, two of them adults).

    #1 (child) goes by Franki, because that is what her parents wanted. The full name was just there so she would have something to go by when she was older and wanted a more formal name.
    #2 (child), goes by Frankie, again, her parents wanted that, only call her that, and the full name is there to be more formal
    #3 (adult) goes by Fran. But that is what she likes to be called
    #4 (adult) goes by Siska (sis-kuh), as her formal name is pronounced Fran-sis-kuh

    I agree with the previous poster, that sometimes you have to ignore the negative comments and remember that everyone has a different naming style. You may think that the -ayden trend is the most awful thing to happen, and they may say "if I ever have a boy, I am going to name him Drayden. Isn't that so cute?!" ::cringe:: When I was picking out names for my kid (legit names, spelled correctly, not overused...think Mathilda, Isla, Oscar, Konrad), my 50-something year old aunt thought that they were awful. She looked at me like she just ate 50 Warheads....such a sourpuss face. Yet when she gave me her suggestions (which she thought were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G names), she gave me Charli (<---spelled that way) and Gracelyn for a girl. And she gave me Bo and Maddox. I pretty much gave her the same sourpuss face back, when she uttered those names.
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  • My daughter is Francesca.  She's still a baby, but for what it's worth, I've never heard her called anything other than Francesca (except for when her two-year old brother calls her Francecka). :)  I get so many compliments on her name, and I'm SO glad that we chose it. It's just so pretty, and I still love hearing it every time someone calls her.  
  • I think it's an amazing name! And it doesn't have to go automatically to Fran or Franny. Frankie, Francie, or Frenchie are other possibilities, or she doesn't have to have a nickname at all (my preference).
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  • Love, love, love Francesca. I would use it myself but DH refuses to budge on it. It's too Italian for him. (I'm Italian, he's not). My grandfather was Francesco (Frank) so it's a family name for me, too. 

    I also had a younger neighbor (she's probably about 20 now) named Francesca. She went by Frankie, which I thought was super cute. I've never known a "Cesca" but I like that, too. 
  • My friend said this:

    Francesca is the most common name in Italy, so I have been used most of my life to have a boring (but pretty) name, here people think it's either charming or funny, they spell it wrong most of the time and some of my friends shorten it, but mostly to be funny. My friends in Italy call me Fra there are also a lot of Chicca, Francy,and Checca (which also happens to be a derogatory term for a gay man), most of my friends in the U.S. Use my full name or , you know, Frenchie wink emoticon nobody calls me Frannie seriously, but even if they did it wouldn't bother me smile emoticon
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