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Talk to me about Archie

My husband wrote this name down and I'm intrigued. It's the first one we've discussed that isn't in the top 20 popularity. Something that doesn't bother DH but concerns me a little, though I wouldn't necessarily veto over that alone. It's growing on me for sure but I want some thoughts. Should formal make be Archebald for professional purposes? Middle name thoughts? Love it or too far left field? Last name is Duclos and other kids are Tyler and Adelynn if you want to give your thoughts on that as well.

Re: Talk to me about Archie

  • Meh. I agree with @NOLA520.

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  • Archer is an option' but I like Archibald better
  • I like Archibald, but it really doesn't go at all with your other kids.
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  • I'd mn it. I think either Archie and Veronica or Archer the TV show and neither are great namesakes. Not to mention I don't think Archie/Archibald/Archer fit with Tyler and Adelynn.

    What about something like Ethan to go with Tyler and Adelynn?
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  • Archer nn Archie
  • Thanks so much for your honest opinions! I definitely like Archer better than Archibald- I didn't think of that but was worried Archie was too nick- namey by itself. I'm not going to cross it off just yet but I'm not convinced so we'll stick to the drawing board for now. There's not a lot of overlap between me and DH so it's a little frustrating when we both keep vetoing each other's choices! But at least when we find it I know it'll be right!
  • Archie doesn't really fit with your other kids names, but Archer does and you can still use Archie as a nn
  • I agree with archer nn Archie being a nice addition to your sibset

  • Amy Poehler named one of her sons Archie, and I think it's adorable as a nickname.  I also like the idea of Archer with the nn of Archie.
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  • I like it and agree with the Archer/nn Archie suggestions!

    I adored Archie comics growing up! ;)
  • I always though Archie was short for Arthur. I think that could be a cute name with your sibset.
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  • groovylocksgroovylocks
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    It's.... I mean it's ok. It IS short for Arthur isn't it? I prefer Arty or Art as an Arthur diminutive though. Archie... The comics... I dunno...
  • I like the nickname Archie, with the name Archer. I completely dislike the name Archibald. And I think that Archer works fine with your sibset.
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  • I love the name Archie! I think it is fine on its own but I prefer Archer to Archibald.

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