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Blocked tear ducts in both eyes

my 3 week old son has had whiteish yellow mucus in his eyes when he cries for over a week. I put breast milk in it whenever I can, and clean his eyes regularly. Took him to a health centre a week ago and nurse was not concerned but ow worried it might be conjunctivitis since it hasn't gone away!

Re: Blocked tear ducts in both eyes

  • Clogged tear ducts can take literally a year to go away. Usually the problem comes and goes. My SIL had one baby who had a blocked duct for one month and was then given drops because they don't like to give them too soon. My son had a blocked duct and it cleared by 2 weeks after using a warm cloth to massage the duct.
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  • My daughter had a bad clogged duck at around 6 weeks that lasted about 2 weeks... Every other time I changed her I used my finger and lightly massaged her nose towards the corner of her eye - she didn't love it, but it works! And like PP said warm compresses.
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  • My LO had this for probably the first 2 months of his life. It was driving me crazy. I used breast milk and warm compresses and now he's 3 months old and no more gunk! I literally was convinced he would have it forever. But if you keep up with milk and compresses it really does clear up on its own. I went to his peed twice for it
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    Just massaging gently the area by his nose and the corner of his eye to push out the gunk. Gently and over time it will come out and clear. It happened to my DS.
  • Massage from the inner corner of the eye straight down the nose, where the sinus is. Use a good amount of pressure. Just do it as often as possible. Keep in mind it could take a long time to clear up. When cleaning the eye make sure to use a warm wet cloth.
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