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Eating Sushi

im craving sushi is it really bad to eat it? First pregnancy 6 weeks and two days.

Re: Eating Sushi

  • You could have a California roll since there isn't any raw fish but it's just not the same. I carved it my entire pregnancy. My friend actually brought it for me to the hospital the day after I gave birth

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  • I'd say that you should go to a clean reputable place that has a lot of turnover (as in, lots of fresh fish daily). Like...don't eat it on a Sunday or Monday since there's no fresh fish those days. I wouldn't eat the grocery store stuff for example.
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  • Definitely go to somewhere nice and clean, especially if you've ate there before and not gotten sick. I try to stick with more of the crab/shrimp route because it is cooked. Sushi has been my one huge craving throughout this pregnancy. The only other advice I have is not to go crazy with the soy sauce since there's a lot of salt. Enjoy! 
  • Not sure if I would risk it personally, but if you're really set on it I would take the advice above. There are, however, vegetarian sushi options that don't contain fish! Not sure how you feel about that, but definitely worth a try.
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