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Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

I'm in middle of my 14th week and randomly started feeling extreme pain in my tailbone, I can't sit, standup, lie down in certain positions and be on my feet for long periods without feeling severe pain in my tailbone area. Everything I read online says its normal and will last the entire pregnancy. Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone experienced it going away in middle of pregnancy? Looking for some hope... :-S

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  • I had tail bone pain in my first trimester but I don't remember when it was exactly. It was more annoying than anything and went away after a few days. I only had it during the day and was able to lay on my left side comfortably. The pain wasn't that terrible, average headache pain I'd compare it to and I was able to sit normally. I hope you feel some relief soon.... try sitting on a few pillows.
  • I'm sorry I can't give you hope.. I had tailbone pain from my second trimester until I delivered with my first baby. Doc said it was from baby being close to my spine.. (or something along those lines) all I know is nothing took the pain away. Girl I feel your pain!
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    My friend had this starting around 26 weeks throughout the rest of her pregnancy.  The only thing that helped was sitting on a donut pillow and getting a belly girdle to lift the weight off her tailbone.  It has to do with how baby is situated in you and can really only be helped if baby changes position.  I would suggest the girdle and see if you get relief.  You need to put it on properly, though, otherwise it won't help.
  • I work for a chiropractor and this is a common problem not only among men, women and children but more so with women during pregnancy. I'd say you should locate a chiropractor in your area and get it checked out! They can help!
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    I've been having tail bone pain on and off since about week 9 and I'm 15 weeks 6 days now. I read that because I previously injured (dislocated) my tailbone that I will definitely have pain throughout all the pregnancy and its normal even if you haven't ever injured it. Sometimes it will hurt randomly for no reason and it will be very painful to stand up from sitting or walking up stairs can be complicated. My pain is very random, it won't bother me for days then out of nowhere there it is. You can get a donut pillow to sit on, I haven't resorted to it yet but I might since my job is a desk job!
  • I had tailbone pain in my first trimester. Pelvic tilt and coccyx pillow helped me to sooth the pain. I read swimming. walking and back stretches also helps to treat tailbone pain. Consult doctor before engaging in any exercise or stretching regimen while you're pregnant. Check this article for more tips
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