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Name for DD#2

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Hi everyone! We're due in January with DD#2 and are having a much tougher time choosing a name the second time around. DD#1 is Eliza Michelle. Last name is 3 syllables, Irish, and starts with an H. These are our current front runners but I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks :-)

Name for DD#2 120 votes

36% 44 votes
43% 52 votes
20% 24 votes

Re: Name for DD#2

  • I love me some Irish names so I have to pick Maeve! :x
    I like the other two too though!

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  • All are great, but since you said your last name was Irsih, I had to vote Maeve.
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  • I agree with the others. Maeve because you can!
  • I love Maeve, but voted Margot because it's a GP of mine. Both are beautiful choices. Jane is okay.
  • I'm torn between Maeve and Margot
  • Maeve, for sure! I like all your names but Maeve is my favorite.
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  • Thanks everyone!
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