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Please help me and give your opinions on our final list!

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This is my third post and your help has been incredibly appreciated thus far. After all, it was thanks to you ladies that I permanently vetoed the name "Jet"!! DH and I have finally agreed on 3 different names. I would love to hear your opinions! The middle name will be Beth and our last name starts with an R and ends in a CK. Thanks so much!!

Please help me and give your opinions on our final list! 120 votes

40% 49 votes
57% 69 votes
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Re: Please help me and give your opinions on our final list!

  • Love Mallory. Ramona is nice. Toss rydell.
  • solitude1984solitude1984
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    I love Ramona. Rydell is horrible IMO.

  • Love Mallory and Ramona. Mallory makes me think of Archer ( love that show) and Ramona makes me think of Scott Pilgram (also awesome)
  • I voted Mallory, but it was a hard choice between that and Ramona.

    Rydell also makes me think of Grease. Not a fan.

  • No to Rydell.

    Happy to hear the Jet veto. I met a little Jet IRL. My friend said "Jen??" Mom said "JeT".

    My friend and I exchanged WTAF texts after the event was over.

    This is what happens to the Jets and Rydells of the world, people.
  • bbiutmcphbbiutmcph
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    How the heck is Rydell on witH two such fantastic names? Rydell is laughable. Mallory got my vote but Ramona is nice

  • Yeah in all actuality Rydell is my least favorite, it's in the running because DH and I met in our high school theatre department and were in Grease together. He came up with it and I got some positive feedback from family, but I think they might have just been being polite. He is a big fan of Rydell and is the one who came up with Jet as well. I'm glad I listed it though, I don't want to have a child with a name that is constantly side eyed and laughed at.
  • I love Mallory. I think it's beautiful, classic, and underused.
  • I like Mallory, I just can't get over the sad meaning if the name. I know not everyone cares about that though.

    Ramona is awesome. I love it.

    NAF of rydell.

  • I voted for Ramona. Mallory is nice but a little 70s/80s for my taste.

    For Rydell all I can think of is when the boys make fun of the girls in Grease.
    Do a split, give a yell. Shake a tit for old Rydell.

  • Ramona is refreshing, I haven't heard it in a long time. Yet still a known, easily spelled name. Mallory is nice, too, but Ramona gets my vote. 


  • I agree with the Grease reference.  My first immediate thought.

    Mallory is a very pretty name.

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  • I like Ramona!

    Also love the Sublime song though. Haha. Mallory would be my runner up.
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  • Mallory easily got my vote. I really like it!
  • I love Ramona! 

    I agree with others - let Rydell go. It doesn't even come close to Ramona or Mallory. 

  • If you want a nod to to Grease why not Sandy? It's classy and doesn't scream "grease".
  • Ramona then Mallory

    Absolutely not Rydell
  • I voted Mallory, because of the possible nn of Mona for Ramona. Mona makes me want to gag a little, but Ramona is nice. Would Romy be too far of a stretch for a nn? (If you guys are the nn type of course)
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  • Hate all three, sorry.
  • I'm personally not a fan of Ramona because of the Real Housewives association, and I don't like the "moan" sound in there.

    Mallory is okay, although it doesn't feel current nor classic.

    Not sure of the origin of Rydell, it may have a long history, it just feels made up/unfamiliar to me personally.

  • I really like Mallory. Your husband should be banned from naming all children forever! Rydell is horrendous. Please don't even entertain his ridiculous suggestions.
  • I like Mallory but Ramona is adorable and very unexpected. A big fat nope to whatever the hell Rydell is.

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  • Yes @breezycat you are right, he should be banned from anything to do with names! And @emilyray14 Romy is what we would use as a nn! I love having Ramona as a full name and then Romy as a nn, amongst a sea of girls with names like Paisley and Layla I wanted a really strong sounding full name and a cute nn so she could use that if she wanted.
  • What I think of when I hear your names:

    Nothing comes to mind like that for Mallory, so I guess I would go with that.

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