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So I'm not sure if his diapers are just small or if he really pushes so hard and it shoots up the back. I am literally dealing with a blowout of some sort almost everyday. We use pampers size 1 currently and last time he was weighed he was almost 12 lbs.

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  • How long ago was he weighed? Size one goes to 14 lbs. I switched early when my girls assplosions were happening regularly. You might want to consider...
  • You may try switching brands, too.

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  • He's getting weighed again Friday. I think I really need to go up a size but they seem a little big.
  • they will look a little big bc you are use to the way the size 1's look. 
  • Could also be that the brand isn't working for your baby for whatever reason. We got a couple packs of Huggies as gifts and they leaked like crazy every time she pooped, but I know other moms are happy with them. They just didn't fit my particular baby properly. If going up a size doesn't help, maybe try a different brand?
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  • My LO is 13lbs he's in size 2 already. We use pampers. With my first I would always put a bigger diaper on her it helped to prevent diaper rash cause it was lose fitting and gave her more room to breath. Hope that makes sense.
  • Haha...same here, these explosions are deadly! My LO is 8 weeks and we're using size 1. Usually, she has these episodes when I have her sitting up after feeding to burp. Try a bigger size diaper, not sure if changing brand would help as they are all designed in a similar way.
  • Yup, we have them, too, once every day or two.  Yesterday was not bath day, but shit happened ... literally.  :)  Our LO is 10 weeks, 12 pounds.  Will probably try the next size up once we finish this package of diapers.
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  • I switched my son to size 2 when he was around 5 weeks because the diapers were getting hard to put on and were leaving red marks around his legs. He is 10 weeks now and weighs 12 lbs and 7 oz (as of last week) the same thing is happening to the size 2 diapers now so when I finish this box I will go up to size 3. Try to go up a size, don't really rely on the weight indicators, each baby's body is different and what's best is for them to be comfortable! Good luck mama! :)
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    My LO is 14 lbs 12 oz and using a size 3. I know the size says it starts at 16 lbs but he was blowing out every day as well, up the back and out the sides. I use the blowouts as an indicator that we need to go up in size.
  • My DS also is 14lbs and we have been using Pampers size 3 for a while.
  • Thank you all ladies. I'm going to be stubborn and finish out the pack we are on and move up a size. Hope that helps. It tends to be only when he's sitting up to burp or in the car seat. So much fun! They Are Totally Messy
  • Hahaha my LO totally destroyed my husbands leg last night when he got home from work! It leaked right on out the side and all over his work pants. However, his only happen when he is sitting up, so I think it's more of a positioning issue rather than a sizing issue. I think sitting up leaves a little gap in the leg area. (Which sounds like the problem you are having too) Whenever I hear his tummy rumbling I always say, "Lay him down!! Lay him down!!" to anyone holding him!
  • I agree w previous post. My daughter was having blowouts multiple times daily. Changed diaper size and it still happened. It seems to happen when she is laying down more than sitting up. Thank goodness for dawn dish soap because we haven't had s stain yet in her clothing!
  • I've read sometimes they can outgrow absorption before they outgrown size exactly.
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