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Best place to find maternity workout pants?

I searched this but only found maternity pants in general, not specifically workout pants.  Apologies if there's any redundancy!

Anyway, I've had bad luck with Target (the bump part was like, weirdly high somehow for me) and Pea in the Pod is way too pricey for something I'll need just a few months - any suggestions?  I'm specifically looking for black, form fitting yoga pants, just with some extra bump room.  It's frustrating right now because all of my old workout pants fit perfectly everywhere else, but they're just too tight in the stomach and put too much pressure on the bump.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!  :)

Re: Best place to find maternity workout pants?

  • Maybe old navy? I haven't looked for workout pant but if I remember correctly they had some before. I wish I had more info for you on how they are.
  • I have been forced to try to make the target ones work... Haven't been able to find anything anywhere else :( sorry I realize this is not helpful at all but I've also been desperate to find some decent ones!
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  • I found a pair of maternity yoga pants that I really liked at Walmart of all places. It was the weekend and I didn't feel like waiting in the crazy lines, but thinking I'll go back and get it. Not sure if all walmarts carry maternity stuff though. The one I went to only had one or two 4way hangers of maternity stuff, but it's worth a look. I think the price was 17 bucks.
  • I bought some at Walmart online . Waiting for them to arrive
  • The target non-maternity workout pants have a think band at the top that works perfectly for me, I wouldn't even consider buying maternity specific pants. That being said, I saw some cute ones that seemed to be reasonably priced at Motherhood Maternity!

    Here's a picture of the target ones, they also have 3/4 length that are tight fitting throughout.
  • Thanks, guys!  I'll have to look at those regular Target ones with the band that @hailees mentioned and, if those don't work, looks like I'll head to Walmart or Old Navy!
  • I just ordered a pair of maternity workout capris from Nordstrom and can't wait for them to come in. They're pricey but I wear workout bottoms daily whether it's at the gym or to walk my dog and am starting to feel suffocated when I sit down. If you're willing to spend the $$ you might want to check out Nordys - free shipping and returns!
  • I found my regular yoga pants with a rollover top work great when I just don't roll them over and let the fabric come up over my bump. I might go buy another pair from Lululemon
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  • Motherhood maternity had yoga capris with a belly band. Im going back today to shop, got paid today!
  • @jencro I do love Nordstrom, but we're trying so save money - maybe I'll check Nordstrom Rack!  And thanks for the Motherhood Maternity suggestion - I'll check that out as well.
  • I found a pair of regular work out capris at Ross, which you could find at TJ Maxx or Marshalls too, and they work great! I actually wear them out shopping or to do whatever on the weekends. I'm quite frugal so I understand the budget thing. I believe they were less than $20. The have a bit larger band around the waist so they go up to my belly button area and they don't budge. You can almost always find non-maternity versions to work just as well, like a couple of you suggested with the extra fabric on the yoga pants. I actually had picked up another pair of the workout capris thinking they were maternity because they were so high waisted. You would be surprised at what you can turn into maternity wear especially when you feel uncomfortable in just about everything but yoga pants.
  • The seamless pants from lululemon work great for me. I can stretch them over the bump or fold the waistband under. All of my other pants (UnderArmor, Athleta, other lulus) dig in too much at the top of the wasitband to be comfortable.  If there's not a store in your area or if paying $80 for stretchy pants is crazy then ebay and other sites sell discount or preowned leggings.
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