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Thoughts on these 6 boy names

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DH and I have it narrowed down to 6! Big sister is Norah and baby boys middle name will be Stanley.

Thoughts on these 6 boy names 138 votes

22% 31 votes
15% 21 votes
25% 35 votes
12% 17 votes
5% 7 votes
19% 27 votes

Re: Thoughts on these 6 boy names

  • sorry not 1 i like
    all super trendy

  • I'm sorry, but I didn't like any of them but Spencer.  The rest sound like they're trying to be too cute and unique.  
  • Norah is such a great name, I would try to find a different boy name that's just as great. But out of these names I would have to pick Spencer.
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  • I voted Duncan. I actually like Carter best, but am not a fan of it with Norah, too much r.
  • Norah is super classic and I think Duncan is too. The rest are too trendy for me.
  • I settled on Spencer, but I don't really like it. That like is pretty trendy and cute little boy sounding. I would look for something that grows up with him better and is more on the same page as Norah.
  • I'm so in love with the name Spencer! Would be my top pick for DS2 if DH didn't have a cousin with the name already.
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  • The only one I really like is Spencer, so that's what I voted for, but not wild about Stanley as the middle name with the it...FWIW, I don't think it's trendy at all, but I was my great-grandfather's name and my dad's middle name,
    So to me it's classic
  • I like Spencer.   I have known several of all ages so it doesn't give me the trend factor like Colton, Landon and Carter do.  Duncan and Colby are fine just nms.  I don't like Spencer Stanley though.  

  • I don't think any of the names sound great paired with Stanley, but I like Landon most.
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  • Carter is my favorite by far.
  • Don't like any. Duncan if I'm forced to pick. To me it's an old legit name (even if I hear Dunkin donuts) but the others are waaaay too trendy.

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  • Spencer, but the whole list is really trendy and nms at all

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  • Calvin instead of Colton?

    None of those names really compare to Norah and are very different styles
  • Just a note: Norah was the #10 most popular baby girls name for dd's birth year (2014). We are kind of in to trendy names.
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