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And I was worried about pooping during labor...

So the poop came...and came...and came. Lol but it really wasn't a big deal. I always imagined it shooting out or making a lot of noise or something but it was very discrete. Lol

The thing that shocked me was when I went to do my first push pee shot out of me like a fountain straight up into the air!!! It covered the nurse head to toe and even got up to me and got in my hair! And happened again for the next 2-3 pushes. LOL even my nurse looked surprised.

So moral of the story, try to drain your bladder before you push those babies out. Or wear a raincoat. Cheers!
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Re: And I was worried about pooping during labor...

  • Hahahahhaha I loved this!! I will pack my raincoat now :)


  • This just made my day, I laughed so hard... At least you're laughing about it.
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  • Oh no! That's hilarious and mortifying at the same time! Now another bodily function to laugh over....
  • LMAO!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Oh my god! Thank you for sharing this I've been so scared of that and the way you laugh it off with grace helps ease the fear a lot lol! =)) :x
  • Lol omg it really does happen
  • Hahaha! My mom told me I would not be ashamed of anything when the time came. I couldn't imagine that since I'm somewhat modest person.... But then the time came and all dignity you thought you had goes out the window! Too funny
  • Ahahaha!! OMGoodness! Thank you for the warning and the great laugh!! =)) So funny! What a good sport you are! Congrats on baby!
  • I've been so focused on the poo I didn't even think of the pee!
  • I didn't poo but I peed over and over. I was like I hope I'm not peeing on the babies head
  • Oh god! I'm not embarrassed but my husband told me if it happens, he will never let me live it down :-w ass!
  • With #3 when my water broke it was while I was pushing and I literally hosed my midwife and my family members who were standing behind her haha there are pictures where the shutter speed was just right and you can see the amniotic fluid in mid air haha

    With #3 I also had a super full bladder but she was positioned in such a way I couldn't seem to go pee until she was coming out and she must have shifted off my bladder and it was like a dam opened haha I seriously peed so much and couldn't stop once it started coming...I definitely peed all over my brand new baby as she was coming out, whoops!
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