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What is the best hospital near Greenville SC to have my baby?

I just recently found out that im expecting and am needing suggestions on the best birthing centers and hospitals near Greenville.

Re: What is the best hospital near Greenville SC to have my baby?

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    In my opinion, Greer Memorial is really good. My sister gave birth there, and I plan to as well. Before my sister had her baby, she found some sort of booklet with ratings of all the different aspects of delivery for each hospital in the area, and Greer was rated the best out of the SC upstate. If you decide you want to deliver there, your doctor would be Greer OBGYN.
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  • I had my baby at St. Francis Eastside in Greenville and everything about the experience was wonderful! My husband said that we're definitely having baby number 2 there! The nurses were really helpful and everyone treated us like we were family :)
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  • We had #1 at GHS downtown. It was a wonderful experience and I loved all the nurses. Have you checked with your doctor to see where they go to? 


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  • I had my first at St Francis Eastside too. It was a great experience. My sister had her second at GHS Greer and had a good experience. Apparently they are very natural-friendly. It all depends on where your OB delivers
  • I had mine at Anmed Women and Childrens Hospital in Anderson. It's right off of I-85 and is award winning.
  • St Francis east side is one of the top hospitals for woman in South Carolina
  • I'm 12 weeks pregnant but I've given birth 2 different times at the Mary Black Birthing center in Spartanburg, SC. I loved it. Today I took a tour of ANMED women's center and cried. I live in Anderson now. It is really different. A lot of pros and cons. I would take tours of the hospital's and read reviews. Ask a lot of questions at each hospital. Deff go to Mary Black and check. One thing I loved there is they had a maternity gym with a physical therapist. They will help you get into shape and after the baby is born you are still allowed to go for 6wks I believe. They have a small child care you can leave your babies for while your getting your body back. It's only for the women who have given birth or will be. They atmosphere is more like home and the staff are well trained and excellence all around. Good luck!!
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