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Any ideas?

Hi all! This is my first time posting, and I am in need of some advice. My LO will make 3 weeks on Sunday and I am EBF her. Due to her not getting enough hind milk I have been offering one breast per feeding, and only offer the other in the same feeding if she has drained the one she is feeding on. We have had difficulty with gas lately as well as spitting up more. She also gets ther hiccups at least 4-5 times per day. I have tried to nurse in the football hold but it doesnt really make a difference. She is much fussier at the breast and frequently pulls away during the whole feeding. She eats for 20 minutes but it takes us an hour per session due to the burping frequently, constantly having to relatch and wake her up because she falls asleep. I give her mylicon for gas, but I feel helpless because she crunches up in a little ball from the gas and it happens before, during and after feeds. Any ideas of what could be the problem and possible solutions?

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  • Have you tried to adjust your diet?  Are you eating gassy foods?  My SIL had to eliminate dairy altogether because it was causing tummy troubles in her LO.  
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  • I avoid all foods that can potentially make both of us gassy. I am lactose intollerant, so dairy isn't really isn't an issue. Are there any medications maybe that causes upset stomach? I am on wellbutrin for PPD at the moment, but I didn't think that it would make a difference. At least that is what my doc said.
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  • Hmm I'm not too well versed on the effects of medications and breastfeeding.  Have you tried gripe water?  We used that a lot with DD1 because she was super gassy.
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  • Perhaps you could try infant massage to help "move" the gas out of her digestional tract? It's pretty common for babies to have some gas... their digestive systems are still maturing. Have you brought up your concerns with your baby's pedi?
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  • No not yet. I have an appointment next week so I will bring it up then. I was wondering if it was something simple. She does choke and click and bite my nipple a lot when she is eating. I was hoping it wasn't the beginning of colic. DD1 had colic/gerd and it was miserable, but she was formula fed.
  • I have used gripe water, it is a life saver for when she has the hiccups!
  • Have you tried the laid back position? This helps my LO not get in as much air!

  • Are you sure it's gas and not reflux? That also causes babies to get upset during feeds, writhing around and pulling off the breast. If it's making your baby uncomfortable there are medications that are safe for him (zantac, prilosec). 3-4 weeks is when we started noticing DDs reflux.
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  • Laid back does seem to help some. She has been extra fussy today. DD1 had reflux and colic also, i hope its not that! She doesn't spit up as much as DD1 did, but she seems to be in pain :( i tried pumping out some milk before nursing her and while i didnt drown her in milk, she still acts like she is always hungry. I know she is getting milk because she urinates constantly! But she only has 1 BM a day maybe two and they are HUGE but yellow and seedy. I will call my pedi tomorrow and ask him.
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