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Possible down syndrome?

At 20 wk u/s it was discovered that baby boy has a dialated ureter. Not a huge deal, it's apparently common in little boys and often corrects itself. It could also be an indicator for down syndrome. They're keeping an eye on it and so far, at 29 weeks no change. At my 29 wk followup for this, they also noted that he has short legs. Also, not a big deal could be genetic as long legs don't exactly run on my side of the family. However, it also could be an indicator.
Also noted at the u/s was high blood flow in the umbilical cord. Not an indicator, that I've read. Anyone else been through any of this? What was your outcome?

Re: Possible down syndrome?

  • We had 2 soft markers and dd has trisomy 21. Ours was short long bones and fluid on the brain. Nothing was seen literally until 3rd trimester. So I declined testing. Completely up to you if you feel like its best not to worry during these next few months and find out at birth or if you want to know now.
    There are pros and cons to both.
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