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Dressing the same!

I dress my girls to match right now most days, usually all the way down to their bows. They are only 4 months old. It really bothers one of my co workers who insists its not healthy for them to match so much. Do any of yall match your Lo's?
At what age is it good to stop? Is it really unhealthy to match them this young?

Re: Dressing the same!

  • At that age? No, it's not unhealthy. I'm not sure what age is the right age to stop, but I;d want to stop pretty early so they have a sense of individuality and don't make the connection that they have to do everything the same. 
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  • I match my identical boys more now then when they were babies (they are almost two). I've never had a negative comment from it! Most people think it's so cute that they match. I don't think it's unhealthy at all. Once they can start dressing themselves, then they can wear what they want but I don't really think it matters at that age!

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