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Likelihood of spontaneous labor after previous c-section?

I'm currently 26 weeks with my third baby. My doctor said she has had patients attempt VBAC after 2 c-sections, but only two have been successful that she's ever seen. She's open to the idea, but warned me it's not likely. I'm fine with a third c-section, honestly, but I'm curious about the odds of spontaneously going into labor when I never have before. Anyone have any experience with this? It's the only way I'd be allowed to attempt a VBAC, anyway, so I've just been wondering. Anyone have any experience with spontaneous labor happening when it failed to twice before?

My first labor, I was induced (propess) at 42+1, ended with an emergency c-section 15 hours later due to heartbeat issues and meconium. My second pregnancy, the baby was transverse at 41 weeks and I went with a scheduled c-section. Both healthy pregnancies and healthy babies at birth (small babies, too, for being so overdue: 6.5oz and 7.10oz)

Anyway, I kind of think there's something off with my body, that I will never actually go into labor on my own, but also inclined to believe every pregnancy and baby is different. This one is measuring ahead a bit, which is new for me, so perhaps there's hope. 

Re: Likelihood of spontaneous labor after previous c-section?

  • A doctor I work with's wife was induced around 42 weeks for first three and went into labor spontaneously with number 4
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    I went into spontaneous labor at 39+2 with my first which ended in an emergency c-section because of meconium and heartbeat issues too. With my 2nd, I attempted VBAC. I went into spontaneous labor at 40+6. I had too much scar tissue from the first so I had to have another c-section.
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  • DS1 was born via C-section at 42 weeks after no labour at all and 3 failed inductions. He just didn't want to come out. It wasn't an emergency but nothing was happening and he was measuring between 9-11lbs on a growth scan and I'm little (5'3"). I attempted VBAC with DS2 and actually had spontaneous labour at 39 weeks! My OB had wanted me to schedule a section and I declined. DH and I had sex around 9pm one night and then went to bed as per usual. Around 1am I awoke to a "pop" sound, which was my waters breaking. I did labour for about 12hrs but then stalled out at 4cm and they wouldn't let me go any longer. Had another C-section but I was happy to have had some labour! I am attempting VBA2C this time and my OB thinks I'm a little bit crazy but I feel like I was close last time and feel better informed this time around. Sometimes things just happen and we don't have a good reason why labour doesn't work. Here are some stats from my local area's health board on the likelihood of successful VBAC given a number of scenarios. Highly recommend taking a peek! Good luck!
  • Interesting reading. Thanks!
  • Sorry to hear that. What will you do if/when you have a third? Just go straight for the elective?
  • My first c/s was at 39w (breech). My second c/s was a failed VBAC (induced at 40w due to pre-eclampsia). I went into spontaneous labor at 38+5 with my last and had a successful VBA2C on August 13th.
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  • How long can you go?
    I didn't go into labor until 41+ weeks with my first two kids, but my water broke without any labor at 40w3d with my third. Try to keep in mind all your pgs are different! And good luck!
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