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Question: Do you think some women just make big babies?

My first kiddo was over 8lbs, and I think this one will probably be the same. I do not have GD and gained between 25 and 30 lbs with each. My Dr says what the woman eats determines the size of the baby, which makes sense, but what confuses me is that I have had friends gain up to 60lbs with their pregnancy and their babies were around 6lbs. So I am wondering, what others expierence on this has been...did your weight gain relate to the size of the baby?

Re: Question: Do you think some women just make big babies?

  • No. I gained less than 20 lbs with no GD and my LO was 8 lbs 10oz.


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  • I am 5'4 and I gained 60 lbs with each of my two previous pregnancies. My first was 8.15lbs and second was 9lbs. This time I have only gained 25 lbs and we will see what happens. I ate like shit the first two though because I thought being pregnant was an excuse to get fat and didn't exercise. This time I ate a lot better and was very active. My two previous were with my ex who was 5'6 and Asian. My SO now is 6'8 so I'm really excited to see what's going to happen!
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  • Yes, I think some women just make bigger babies. Mine have just been average so far, around 8 lbs. but my sister who is 5'6" and can hardly keep 115 lbs on her has had 2 babies over 9 lbs. only gaining 20-25 during pregnancy. Her doc told her it has to do with her having a good vascular system so the babies are getting really good blood flow...
  • Big babies run in my and DH's family. My boy was 8 lbs 10 oz, born at 38-1/2 weeks. I gained close to 60 lbs but so much of it was water weight that the weight has just fallen off after having him. I ate like I did prior to getting pregnant.
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    I definitely think some women make big babies. My mom gained 25 pounds each pregnancy and I weighed 9 pounds. My sister weighed 10. I think I got her genetics. My first baby was 9 lbs, 1 oz. and my current baby is measuring a little bigger. Each time I've gained about 35 pounds.
  • I think it's very true! The women in my family make all tiny babies that are usually under 7lbs and that was the case for me as well, while my hubby's family makes big babies that are at their lowest in the high 8's and up. Even though I'm 5'4" with very wide hips and only a 6 lbs 15 oz baby..he was still too big for my body to push out naturally
  • My first was 9 lbs 10.5 oz, and 11 days late. I ate really healthy and didn't have any medical issues and gained at least 40 pounds.

    This baby was 8 lbs 1.5 oz and 2 days late. I ate more crap and gained 30 lbs.

    I don't necessarily think it's all outside factors. My DH was over 9 lbs and I would have been as well if I wasn't a preemie. At 34 weeks I was still over 6 lbs.

  • I think this is true.  I gained 45 and 40 lbs with mine and my boys were only 6.6 and 6.5
  • Yep I think it's true. I gained 40 or so with my first (I'm about 11 5lbs prebaby) and he was 8lbs 12oz 9 days early. I measured small the whole time. This one I've gained about the same so I'm guessing he will be about the same or bigger. My mom had big babies all 8 -9lbs. Both my mom and I aren't big people and didn't eat crap the whole time but we make big babies.
  • I gained well over 55 lbs my first pregnancy and was on my feet working full time, managing a print company. Ds1 was 8 lb 14 oz, this time I gained less, am a SAHM and Ds2 was 10 lbs on the nose *shrugs*
  • Define "big baby" though. I believe the medical community consensus is 9-lb 12oz or somewhere in there.

    Honestly I think each baby is unique. I have had babies ranging from 7-lbs to over 9-lbs with textbook, full-term pregnancies.
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  • My two DDs were not big but they were about the same size (4 oz difference and exactly the same length). I think there is something to the idea that different women just build different size babies.
  • Some women definitely make big babies. I just had a convo about this today with my doctor because it's looking like DD2 is going to be over 8 lbs again and by Italian standards that's huge for a girl. DD1 was 8 lbs 6 oz and I gained 40 lbs. With DD2 I've gained 30 lbs but been more healthy with eating and exercise. But as my doctor pointed out, my DH was over 9 lbs when he was born, his sister was 8 lbs and my DH and Dad are both very big and tall so it doesn't matter that I was less than 7 lbs at birth. Genetics definitely plays a big part.
  • This is probably one of those "nature vs nurture" things. Meaning, your baby's genes will determine how big he/she would be (since they also dictate how big he or she will be when an adult), but the conditions he/she is "nurtured" in (i.e., GD, placental issues, poor diet, etc) affect it as well. 

  • My mom didn't even show until 7 or 8 months. She couldn't eat a high sugar diet due to allergies. She walked out of the hospital like she hadn't just had a baby. I was over 8 lbs. I think sometimes it's the genetics the baby gets and not as simple as the weight gained by the mom.
  • I make big babies. First was 9 lbs 14 oz, 22 in long. Even at birth, docs underestimated the weight bc she was just so LONG. I gained 50 lbs with her!!! This LO was still 21 in long, 8 lbs 7 oz, but was born 2 weeks sooner in gestational age. I only gained 25 lbs on this one due to GD. Gained almost nothing in third tri.
  • I just had my first and I think genetics from both sides come into play. I wasn't a big baby. My husband and his family however, bigger and longer babies. He's over 6 ft and considered the shortest one in his family! My MIL said his brother was born 6 weeks early and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz! I was only 6 lbs 5 oz, husband was 8 lbs 5 oz. Our son weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long at birth. I did have diet controlled GD, and continued working out the whole pregnancy, I actually lost a little weight instead of gaining.
  • My DS was 8lbs. 12oz. at 39wks & my DD who was born Friday at 6 days past due date was 9lbs. 11oz! I really think it's genetics in my case.. I was 6 lbs. when I was born & before pregnancy was a size 8-10. I gained 35lbs. & did not have GD. My husband is a burly guy, but not overweight & weighed 10lbs when he was born & so did his brother. His family is known for 10 pound babies, so I think that's where my big babies come from!

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  • I'm convinced it's true. My first son I gained 25 pounds, no gestational diabetes and he was 8lb 14oz. This time I do have gestational diabetes but its diet controlled and I've gained 11-12 pounds and baby is estimated to be 8 lb 2oz.
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