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Stuff from Parents

I'm looking for some advice. My parents have saved literally everything from my childhood. Toys, play tables, clothes, blankets, everything. Now that I have my baby, they have started bringing it for us. I didn't ask them to and I'm very torn. It's nice to have so many things but they are so old and it's a lot of stuff. Should I just keep accepting things that we don't really want? I've asked them not to bring more because we are running out of room but they just keep bringing little things. I don't know what to do!

Re: Stuff from Parents

  • Tell them the truth. You love the sentiment of having your baby use your old things but some are no longer safe and are actually dangerous so there's no point in anyone holding on to them. That should rid you all of most of the big items (playpens, cribs, etc.). You could maybe take pictures of your baby in these items (under close supervision and providing the items are still sturdy) and share them with your parents. If there's a high chair, cradle, bassinet, etc. you could refinish them to be used as baby doll furniture if you have a daughter. Or maybe just break out the marshmallows and have a bonfire. The options are endless!!
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