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Starting daycare

So, I am wondering how the transition to daycare was for everyone??? We've done two 1/2 days so far and this morning he cried the whole time with the exception of the last hour where he fell asleep from exhaustion. He also refused to take his bottle. How normal are we?? He's been with me all summer so I imagine that this is going to be a process. He's 7 1/2 months old and has pretty much only been with me/DH or my MIL his whole life. Poor kid, I hope this transition doesn't last too long! I hate to hear that he's been crying for hours!

Re: Starting daycare

  • Aw no advice from one mommy to another I can't imagine that's easy for either of you! Good luck and I'm sure he'll be having fun in no time!
  • He's still crying a bunch. It's not the whole time but a good majority of it. He will only nap if she's holding him. His naps are about 30min so he's super overtired when he gets home. Fun times with that! I'm hopeful it'll get's really our only option especially since it's the start of the school year, everywhere is booked solid!
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  • it will eventually get better.  stick with it and a routine will become normal.  could be days or weeks but it will come
  • Thanks! He's still having a hard time but his schedule has been wonky. He only goes MWF and one week her kid was sick, this week was Labor Day, next week a Jewish holiday and there's another one the following'll be the end of September before he's going 3 days! Poor kid won't get into the routine until then.
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