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C Section scar

pglatta13pglatta13 member
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I just had c sect number two and my scar is puffy and raised. My first one healed flat and very thin. Anyone else have this problem and will it flatten?

Re: C Section scar

  • onegoodthingonegoodthing member
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    I think it just takes some time to go flat. The thin/thickness depends on a number of factors from the doctor closing you, staples versus stitches, how soon they were removed, how much protein is iN your diet etc.
  • Thanks. I had staples both times but the first time it was flat and not noticeable. Not the case this time.
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  • I had staples first time and stitches second. Both it ended up relatively wide. This time the doc told me that eating extra fiber can help your body form a stronger scar which could help it be thinner.
  • Did it work itself smaller over time
  • I honestly can't remember. I know it got a ton lighter and very hard to find.
  • Thank you. Gives me hope
  • My doctor said that I could use mederma. You may want to check with your doctor.
  • Thank you, I took the steri strips off and it looks way better
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