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Name confusion

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A distant cousin just moved to my city and to my surprise, she bought a dog and gave it the same name I wanted for my daughter.
I found out today and it's crushing me :(
She didn't do it on purpose but still, it feels horrible. My husband says it doesn't matter and she should still give that name to our daughter but I don't want dog and baby to share a name!
I feel like I'm mourning the name as I write this :(

Re: Name confusion

  • Baby will be around a lot longer than the dog. Go with the name you want.
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  • If it's a distant cousin how often do you even see them? How did you find out? Facebook? Depending on the name, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • She didn't know I had chosed that name for my baby. I'm not mad at her, I'm mad at the situation :(
  • Doesn't matter in the slightest. Use the name. Probably UO, but I think it's weird when people give pets human names anyways.
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  • My name is Annabelle, which without trying to sound snotty I think is a really pretty name, and I can't tell you how many people I meet who immediately say "i had a dog/cat/horse named Annabelle!" (who knew it was such a popular pet name?!). 

    Also when my husband picked out his dog from the no-kill shelter 10 years ago, the ladies working had a good laugh because he happened to pick out a dog with his exact same name! He didn't want to change her name because it actually has a really special meaning based on her history before arriving at the shelter. 

    Anyway, the point of my story is that these things happen, and we just have a sense of humor about it when people are incredulous that we have the same name as an animal. Just come up with a funny response so that if people make snarky comments you have something to say, and take comfort in the fact that you picked out a beautiful name for your baby!
  • Mourning the loss of a name because a distant relative named their pet the name you chose is a little dramatic. If you love the name, then use it. I'm sure there is some pet somewhere that has the same name as all of us.
  • I know it is a bit extreme but I can't really control my emotions about this. I feel better today though. Also reading your comments made me feel better.
    Thank you!
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    Unless you were planning on naming your daughter Spike, go for it anyway! If you were planning on Spike, you have bigger issues than mourning a name :P

    In all seriousness if anyone ever brings it up, which I doubt, than you can say you were planning on  naming your daughter this long before the dog was adopted. 

    Edited because my grammar is starting to royally suck.
  • The name should definitely still be used! Before we found out we were having a girl, we had a few top boy names and one day his cousin came over with the dog and a shared name. It was funny to us at the time bc we didn't know the sex to settle on a name, but SO was set on that name being dropped from our list. It didn't bother me then, but now id probably be bummed but I would still use the name!
  • My sister got a dog named Lucy, since about age 10 I has had the name Lucinda picked out for a girl and calling her Lucy. My sister refused to change the name of the dog and it really made me made. I ended up dropping the name and choosing something else anyway but I can see your frustration and being upset.
    My sister lives in a different state and will probably never move "home" she is a military wife, but still didn't want my baby sharing a name with the dog. My mom calls the dog Annie because she thought my sister should of changed the dogs name too.
  • I would just use the name and not worry about it.. My mom has a dog named Lily and my cousin named her daughter Lillian and calls her lilly for short.. My moms dog is 13 and my cousins daughter is 2... Nobody has said anything... I wouldn't worry about it too much..
  • I would use the name! It's not a big deal, I would still use the name of my cousin named their child what I wanted to name my child. It's just a name. I wouldn't stress so much about it. :)
  • My FIL has a dog (that DH named) with the nn of our baby-to-be's name. DH didn't think I'd ever agree to the name for a baby but after years and years of that being his top choice, I agreed to the name with different nns. My nns might not stick, it's very possible that baby and dog will end up being called the same thing. But as PPs have said - babies are around longer than dogs.
  • Our neighbor got a puppy when I was pregnant with my first son and used the name we had picked out (he had no idea). We still named our son the name and really it is/was not an issue. Now the dog we have has the same name as our neighbor's daughter (different neighborhood). I wouldn't worry about it. Use the name you love.
  • My name is Molly, which happens to be a very popular dog name! It's never bothered me and I usually just laugh when I meet a dog named Molly. There are worse things to share a name with. :)
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