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Cradle cap?

Anybody have advice on how to get rid or control this?

Re: Cradle cap?

  • Try putting olive oil on right before bath time, let it sit, wash hair at the end. Our pediatrician also recommends using a bit of dandruff shampoo like selsum blue, just be careful not to get it in the eyes. I would try the oil first. Our LO had a tiny bit and we just started washing her hair less often and it helped a lot.
  • I don't wash her hair often. I did try washing it everyday and tried baby oil like other people said but it's not working
  • Mustela makes a cradle cap treatment, maybe try that? It's harmless and will eventually go away on its own, but if the look it's bothering you (it would for me), I would try the dandruff shampoo or the mustela stuff. It has really good reviews on Amazon. Also, do you have one of those soft bristle baby brushes? That worked for my girl to brush off the loose stuff. Good luck!
  • We used coconut oil. Put it on right before bath and then washed his hair last. It was gone after doing this about 3 times. We just used the jar of coconut oil from the grocery store. I think it was organic but less than $8 for the jar.
  • I'll brush his hair back and forward (a bunch usually comes off) and then we use gel baby oil - I'll put it in and leave it on all day and then when I shampoo I use his brush to scrub his head with gently. It does come back though sometimes. He looks like a little greaser all day :) but it works for us. At least it's harmless! Though annoying /:
  • My baby was getting it in her eyebrows. I put a little coconut oil on it. Then I used a soft baby hairbrush to wipe it off. It worked for us
  • My first had this. I would just comb her hair after bathing her. It came off after a couple days and I made sure to shampoo her head daily.
  • My son had pretty decent cradle cap at around 2 months our ped said dandruff shampoo just don't get it in his eyes. I used head and shoulders. One use and it was gone. I did a second shampoo the next day to be sure but it worked amazing. Just be extra careful to not get it in their eyes/face. I washed my sons hair in the sink with the removable sprayer so I could better control the rinsing :)
  • I used coconut oil also when we started to see some coming up. Worked great and it's totally natural. Coconut oil also works great for mild diaper rash. 
  • Coconut oil is the best! It just took one use to get rid of my LO's
  • I used coconut oil! I put
    It on the scalp and then with a soft tooth brush I went around in circles until it was loose and then I took a fine comb and removed it all. It was pretty gross! She had a BEAUTIFUL scalp afterwards! Hope that helps!
  • My daughters cradle cap was even worse than that! I put baby oil on her dry hair. Massaged it in, let it sit for about 10 minutes and then gave her a bath and washed it out. Then I brushed her hair and used my fingers to gently rub it off. After that it was all gone!! I couldn't believe it!
  • I bought a small travel size head and shoulders shampoo (99¢ at target) and after the first hair wash, it was so much worse, like the shampoo had loosened everything up, but then washed it with the head and shoulders again the next day, and it was all gone! I'm still using the head and shoulders when I wash his hair twice a week to use it up, but no more cradle cap!
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