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so just wondering (for those of you ladies who work) if you have missed any work.. Whether it be sickness or exhaustion. This morning I just did not have it in me, I normally can break through the sleepiness and get ready and head out the door.. But this morning it just wasn't happening and I feel SO guilty. Thankfully I have the sweetest fiancé and he just tells me to relax today and rest up... Am I the only one who feels this way?? Should I have just gone to work? Or was I right to listen to my body and get rest...

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  • I've been missing work...I did great during my 1st trimester but the last 2 months I've probably missed 6-7 days and called in late a few times. Luckily I have an outstanding boss and he doesn't penalize me for any of it or even dock any of my pay so I haven't been too worried. If you need to miss a day here and there I wouldn't stress over it :D
  • I had to miss work for a week because I was having contractions. We didn't have a ton of work, so I didn't feel that guilty, but if I had to be out right now I'd feel horrible.
  • I missed a ton in my first trimester but have been sucking it up since.

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  • I have been trying to save my days for my maternity leave but actually called out sick today due to my cold. If you really don't feel well than take a day if needed.
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  • In the first trimester I think I took 6 or 7 days off in total. I had bad morning sickness and sometimes it would last into my evening shifts as well.
    I still have morning sickness but I am able to work through it, somehow.

    You do feel guilty. But then realize that it's not about the people at work. That little baby growing inside you is 100x more important right now
  • Luckily i've had a pretty easy pregnancy and haven't had to miss any work - thankfully. I will say though that it's hard to get out of bed each day, especially when i slept like crap last night.

  • You need to take care of yourself but also your job. It's a balancing act. If you're truly not feeling well or are super exhausted then absolutely take care of yourself and stay home. If you're just feeling lazy and want to watch the SVU marathon on TV, then push through it because those temptations are not going to get any easier as you get more and more uncomfortable. 

    But yes, to some degree you need to take care of yourself and listen to your body. Pushing yourself too hard isn't going to do anyone any good. 
  • The 1st trimester I missed a ton of work since my HG would really act up. After my boss started to call me unreliable I started to try and suck it up even though I would still be puking my brains out at work.
  • I haven't, but I don't have many sick days built up. I want to use them for appts if I have too. I've also had a pretty easy pregnancy so far so fortunately I haven't felt the need to stay home. Like PP, you need to take care of yourself. Missing a day here and there isn't a big deal if it's truly necessary.
  • Being able to work from home when I want to has been a godsend. Some days, I don't have it in me to do the whole song and dance of getting ready and commuting to an office...it's nice to roll out of bed and start working, take a nap during lunch in my own bed if I need to, etc. That cut down on the number of days that I truly needed to call off and I felt I was actually a little more productive.

    For those who don't have that luxury, you are my heroes. To @kyleneum13's point you need to be able to balance your work and your pregnancy. Don't push yourself, but don't use it as an excuse to be lazy either.
  • Thankfully I haven't missed any work due to my pregnancy as much as I have wanted to call in for just being tried in the morning. I feel like I'm getting my mind and body ready for when I go back to work after the baby is here.
  • I get that feeling too
  • I've missed more days recently then I did my first trimester. I'm just so exhausted, it's like my body can't handle it (if that makes sense). Luckily my work is amazing. My boss and my bosses boss have both worked while pregnant and know the struggle so I've gotten really lucky.
  • I missed a bunch of work. More than a months worth due to being sick and hospitalizations. I also worked with food, so throwing up at work was huge no no. I felt bad, but at the same time I needed to make sure I was healthy and LO was healthy. I don't work anymore, my job did a bunch of layoffs. So now I'm just focusing on my health. Trust your body if it's telling you to take it easy. Work is important I will agree, but making sure you and LO are healthy comes first.
  • I went home from work countless times the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy (HG). Luckily the bathroom was right next to my supervisors office and she'd hear me puking my brains out and send me home. I always came to work just went home early 3-4 times a week because of the constant vomiting. I never missed for an appointment or trip to the hospital or hospital stay: I'd get all my appts done on my lunch hour and even if I was in the hospital the night before I'd go to work.
    However, at 12 weeks I walked into work and straight out quit. My supervisor refused to officially cut down my hours and I truly believe if I had stayed working I would not be pregnant right now (I found out I have a high risk cord condition three days after I quit).
    So, if you truly feel your health is going to suffer or you just literally can't do it that day and can take the time off/call in, then do it. Your health and the health of your LO is worth the trade off of one day away from work. It's exhausting being pregnant and everyone is different. Don't feel guilty for taking care of yourself. If you are not calling in every day I'm sure one day will not hurt anyone.
    Kudos to the women who are working full time and 12 hour shifts!! Some can do it, and some just can't.
  • I've only called off work once. I don't really have the choice to miss work a lot because I'm a nurse and we are already really short staffed. Plus I only get a limited amount of days I can call off before I start getting warnings. I work 12 hour night shifts which aren't as bad as I thought they would be and I only work 2 or 3 shifts a week. If I could cut my hours back, I would, but because of insurance I can't. Plus we need that diaper money.
  • I'm working full time (12 hour shifts) at the hospital and two 8 hour shifts at the same hospital for clinicals so I can graduate next month! I have missed six days in all for UTI and they sent me home for puking :( ... You have to listen to your body! You know you beat! You shouldn't feel bad for taking care of yourself and that precious baby!
  • We have four pregnant people around my office. Two dads, two moms. The energy in the entire company is very excited and supportive of all of us. :-D I haven't had to take any days other than my doctor's appointments yet. But we have a quiet room that another lady uses to pump her breast milk, so if I ever need a break I just curl up on the recliner in there. 
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  • Ive missed several days throughout the whole process. Most of the times is because I would wake up and feel like a truck hit me. However yesterday morning I emailed in and took a vacation day so that I could clean my house. I figured if I was motivated to do so I might as well. Nesting much?
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  • I've only missed a few. I've been tired and sick since the beginning but decided that I would save my sick time for the really bad days and maternity leave. I am hoping to have enough days to take off my full leave and that means for me to suck it up and go on with my day. I have 2 other kids too (10 and 12) so when I would take off in the summer I wouldn't really get a day off because they would be around and want me to do things. I take 1/2 days here and there just to give myself a break (and for doc appointments) but I schedule them in advance. Since the beginning, I have only called off maybe twice.
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    I've been really bad this pregnancy and have called out or come in late a lot...like maybe out 6 days this whole pregnancy (I'm 24 weeks).
    I have an hour and half subway commute and have had really horrendous vomiting and nausea even this late into the pregnancy and sometimes I get really tired of throwing up on pubic transit or subway stations. I seriously think I have no dignity left haha. Also, my chronic back pain has become really severe the past 2 months with sciatica and because my job can be so physical, I'm honestly super exhausted after strenuous days and feel like I can barely move. 
    I'm really struggling with this change in identity from being a physically strong and capable woman to feeling like such a pansy now. I'm afraid that other people think I'm being a baby, but I'm trying not to let it bother me too much as I need to do what's best for my kid and take it easy on my body. 
  • I haven't taken any days off. Believe me, though, I've wanted to! But with my personality, I would just feel guilty about half way through the day and want to check in. But that's just my personality, nothing to do with the pressure of my job. I have told my boss that I needed to slow down a bit (there's a lot of walking and rushing around at my job), and she's very understanding. She's worked through a pregnancy as well, so she knows you just hit a point where your body says "enough!"
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  • I haven't taken any but can work from home once a week so that helps
  • I was taken out (doctors orders) for three months. So now that I am back I'm going to suck it up! Lol! But I feel you. It's hard out there for a mama to be!
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  • I'm actually home right now because I had to take the night off. I wasn't going to but my DH insisted. I'm sick as a dog, and really should take off but still feel so guilty since we are in a tight spot financially and need the money to prepare for me being on maternity leave for a few months, but I need to accept that I'm pregnant, I'm sick, it's better to get a night of rest and get better a.s.a.p. then drag it out and make everything that much harder on my body and my baby. Would I feel less guilty if I end up putting myself in the hospital for being stubborn and working? I personally need to get over my workaholic attitude and just accept my humanity. Lol, sorry, I think I was venting at myself because I still am trying to accept that I called out of work for the 2nd time in my entire life tonight but oh well. I should just go to sleep. 
  • I think I'm going to call off work tonight. I'm so sick today! I left work yesterday when my shift was over and because I had taken an antibiotic on an empty stomach I threw up when I got to my car. Ick! I have a swollen lymph node behind my right ear from a bug bite so my OB gave me antibiotics... THEN I woke up with a head cold today! Ugh! We have the coverage at work, but I still feel guilty. I can use vacation time so I get paid. I was planning on using two vaca days in November so I would only work 2 days a week but I just can't get off the couch!
  • I've really only been off for my doctor appointments. But everyone has different symptoms. I've not had a terrible time. Minor morning sickness, bad heartburn, congestion and constipation. Nothing I couldn't handle, just a little grumpy from no sleep lol. But if I'd had, say, HG, I would have taken off probably.
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