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Shy baby

so went in a couple weeks ago for my 17 week check up and ultrasound. My doctor went to check the sex and babies legs were crossed and but in pelvis

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  • Hi. After checking your profile, I see you have not posted here before. Welcome to the board. As we are a tight knit group, we ask that you introduce yourself so we can have a chance to officially meet you and get to know you. We really don't like people popping out of nowhere and randomly posting, although this is a public forum that certainly allows for this type of behavior. 
    I'm sorry your little one wouldn't cooperate for your ultrasound. Will your doctor be performing another one anytime soon? 
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  • They say if baby is shy then its a girl hopefully you can see baby soon!
  • My baby had his hands down there with his legs crossed as well then the tech shook him lol and he moved his hands and unfolded his legs and its a boy.
  • Our little boy had no problems showing off the goods at our last sono, but as far as giving us a good face profile, he was turned in towards my belly.  We didn't get a good outline of his face or frontal view what so ever.  I get to go back at 28 weeks for a sono. to check on my low placenta diagnosis, so hopefully, he will be a little more active for us. When do you get to go back and check again?  Most ladies who have had this issue, get scheduled another sono. 2-4 weeks later. 

  • That's funny. My baby wasn't cooperative at my anatomy scan and they couldn't get a pic of the spine so I had to go back a week later--- I thought that was actually great because I got to see baby 2x in a row!

    I'm glad you posted! I never heard of anyone being required to post an introduction before, but welcome!
  • @ChrissyD1203 I didn't know formal introductions were required either. Never really did one myself. Been lurking and posting since I was around 6 weeks!

    My baby was shy too. But the tech told me she was pretty sure it was a girl. Didn't get a good profile shot either. But everything else looked healthy, so that's what matters!
  • I've never officially introduced myself either, never knew it was a requirement. I've posted different things and questions multiple times.

    Anyways my little one is always belly down and never facing up so we can see her face. Her legs were dangling towards my pelvis so we were able to get a real quick picture to find out it was a girl. Still no good facial pictures but I'll take the ones I have.
  • I have never introduced myself - I don't feel the need to personally know all you lovely ladies inside out (no offence intended) - people should be able to dip in and dip out as they like as its like - a free world. Sounds like a nosy neighbour rule on Desperate Housewives - and quite un neighbourly at that!

    My girl did the same thing! I think it's cute as its bashful - they couldn't get the heart on my scan so I got a second shot and we found out last week when she was playing ball. I think it shows a little personality - "erm no Mum I'm not showing you anything"!
  • Introductions are one of the Bump Guidelines, as are searching for topics similar to your own. Bump Guidelines are listed a few topics up from this thread if you're interested.
  • The Bump guidelines of introducing are really to encourage people to communicate in this forum like they would a personal conversation, so it's not treated like someone's personal diary.

    I never made a formal intro post, I lurked for a bit then just started commenting. But when I did post, I included little tidbits like First Time Mom, how far along I am, and would include a question or comment to prompt group involvment.
    Without an intro, it would be like walking up to a group of strangers and just saying some sentences then walking away. The OP didn't ask if anyone else had shy babies or attempt to conversationalize her post. That's why people felt compelled to address the lack of intro.
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