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PP bleeding ?

Some of us have been there before and are again or will be, but I have a question .

Most of us are different but unlike others I feel perfectly fine . I literally feel like I never had a baby And come one else gave birth for me . Which is great . I will be 4 weeks PP on Tuesday and since the day I gave birth I've hardly been bleeding , maybe since about a week in a half to 2 weeks PP whatever's coming out isn't even blood anymore but it comes and goes .
I'm curious as to if you can tell when you're going to be done or if it just kinda stops ? And can it last longer then 6 weeks ?

Like a period , you know when you're close to being done because the bleeding gradually stops but what about PP bleeding ? It isn't bothering me for some reason since it has been 4 weeks of having to wear a pad Kinda for no reason but I'm dying to just be done since like I said I'm not even bleeding and what is there will stop for a day or two then come back .

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  • Yep, I've been wondering the same thing. Actually the day after having her I was only spotting.. And I agree, I really didn't feel like I had a baby. I was a little sore and I got sore after doing kegals at first but other than that I'm fine. I even pushed her out in fifteen mins..
    The only thing is I did tear on my urethra and some on the inside.
    I'm 3wks pp.
  • Also 4 weeks pp tomorrow. Mine will stop for a few days then be bright red again for a few. I wear a liner through the day and check it frequently. I have had a few close calls on those days where it suddenly picks up again. Always a pad at night cause I hate dealing with those night time surprises!
  • Mine has been the same. It will act like it is stopping for a couple days and then it will start back up for a couple of days. It's hard to read and understand exactly how close I am to being done. I am three weeks postpartum today.
  • Mine has been the same. It will act like it is stopping for a couple days and then it will start back up for a couple of days. It's hard to read and understand exactly how close I am to being done. I am three weeks postpartum today.

    Yes- same here at two weeks PP, I don't remember it being like this with my first baby either.

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    Ugh this never ending cycle That I see no end to sucks ! :((
    I want to enjoy no pad or liner wearing for a little bit one last time before my real period comes again . (Which I'm SO not looking forward to when it does)
  • Same here. 3.5 weeks PP and it just keeps coming and going but is rarely heavier than spotting and seems to have more just discharge mixed with it than I remember from my first. I had a c-section with both. I'm thinking part of it is that I keep overdoing it. I was able to rest a lot more with my older daughter.
  • Yeah all I've had is discharge coming out for the past few weeks , I just hope instead of coming and going it just leaves !
  • I had pp bleeding for 4.5 months last time. So, yes, it can go longer then 6 weeks but should be checked out by your Dr if so. Try a panty liner if it's just spotting.

    Omg 4.5 months ? Holy cow
    Let's hope that doesn't happen now .
  • I was bleeding pretty normally. I'm 4 and a half weeks postpartum and about a week ago I stopped all bleeding/discharge completely and now I'm not even wearing a pad, panty liner or anything. I had a vaginal birth with only one stitch, and I gotta tell you, this is a great feeling
  • I think it smells stronger than a period though !!! Def not the same smell for me. Not horrible but different. Anyways I am the same it kind comes.and go but it is very light I never fill up a pad now
  • Lol i wondered the same thing.. What qualifies as "foul"? Because this smells almost like amniotic fluid in mine .. But at the same time I use menstrual cups and don't know what a period smells like lol
  • I thought about posting something similar to this, I was much like you, felt pretty good after having baby, not much bleeding, tapered off to just an odd yellow discharge, then BAM, 3 days ago (I'm now 4 weeks PP), I was hit with a bleeding frenzy that would rival the prom scene on Carrie and it isn't showing any signs of letting up =/ I have no idea when this flood is going to stop and I hate it. I think it may be my first PP period perhaps? Or maybe the birth control pills I was given prompted it? There are too many factors in my situation to really know for sure I guess, I just want it to be over!
  • Mine comes and goes. It has been very light as well. I'm 5 weeks pp and it's gone now but we'll see if it comes back.
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  • @bhargrave88 this was way beyond "smells like a period" or amniotic fluid.  It smelled just like rotting fish, it was absolutely awful.  "Foul" was putting it lightly.  I'm a FTM and didn't know what to expect so at the time I thought the smell might just be one of the other joys of motherhood. It was only afterward that I found out it was not normal.

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