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Should it hurt????? Help!!

Hi ladies! My 3 day old pumpkin is latching on an nursing very well, HOWEVER, it hurts like hell when she latches on. I mean really hurts, like I have to keep myself from yelling out! Is this normal? My milk is starting to come in so my boobs are becoming fuller and harder. Does this have anything to do with it? I love nursing her but I dred the latch! Please help!!!

Re: Should it hurt????? Help!!

  • When I was directly breastfeeding (I pump now) it was very painful when he would latch, but it only lasted a minute. My response to the pain was one of my legs would shoot straight out & my husband said I made a crazy face. But it was over quick. Good luck
  • I had that problem for the first week or so after I stopped using a nipple shield, so her second week. It went away, and now I never have pain nursing or pumping. But in the beginning, man, there were times I was near tears. If it doesn't get better, I would talk to the dr or a lactation consultant. Good luck!
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  • Thanks guys! This gives me hope!
  • It will stop! For me, my pain was very manageable at the beginning. Then around 4-5 weeks PP it was horrible!! I cried everytime! But then it went away about a week later. So regardless of when it starts, don't give it up! It will stop and you will be glad you kept going.
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  • I was about to ask this question. Good to know it goes away. I've bee rubbing coconut oil to sloth my nipples afterwards. Right now I feel as if they are burning. I don't want to give up, but not sure how much more I can tolerate. I'm still in pain from the c section I had 3 days ago
  • The first week especially the first few days were horrible for me. The lactation lady said her latch was fine and that the pain would pass. I ended up feeding her formula on and off when I just couldn't think about nursing her because it hurt so bad. At day 5 I ended up using a nipple guard and that helped. I'm at day 8 postpartum and I'm fine now without the guard. Hope the pain passes for you! GL

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  • The pain passed for me around 2 weeks. Use nipple cream after each feed. Try to pump occassionally so that if it gets really bad you can offer a bottle or two. I did that day 10 because my left nipple hurt so bad I couldn't even think about nursing on that side, so I pumped (which was painless). I have only ever needed to feed from one side each session, so skipping two sessions on that side and giving bottles instead gave that nipple a really good break. But make sure you pump any time you give a bottle to maintain supply.

    With a good latch, the pain should subside by 2-3 weeks. Hang In there.
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  • I also had some pain the first few days/weeks and was told by LC they if there was pain to keep working on a better latch (the nurses told me latch was fine...they all contradict each other!). I worked really hard to inprove the latch and eventually it got better. Maybe it was just time. Shrug. It's so hard to know. Anyway, keep working at it, it'll get better.
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    See an LC, it could be thrush. I had the shooting horrible lach on pain (worse than labor basically, I'd break out in a sweat, cry, clench my fists, leg shoot out) and took me a week or two to have it figured out As thrush. Get on meds asap because yeast takes forever to fully leave and also can be passed back and forth between you and baby, making it last longer. I had it for 10 weeks. Also comes with itchy burning hot and/or shiny nipples. I couldn't wear a shirt because they hurt so bad. Check for butt rash and white patches in baby's mouth. Oral prescription and an APNO cream should do it, if it is thrush. But def get help, any pain that bad is not normal and don't feel like you need to just clench and bear it!! Good luck!!
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