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2nd Trimester

Bloated or bump?

This is my first pregnancy and I'm 14w4d. i definitely have the tiniest baby bump naturally but I've noticed once I eAt it's like I'm bloated as heck the rest of the day and I'm not eating too much or too terribly. So am I just bloating or is this a bump? Idk.
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Re: Bloated or bump?

  • So hard for me to tell the difference. At 14 weeks the baby is still nestled down pretty low in your pelic cavity. Soon it's gonna move up up and then out!!
  • It's probably a bit of both, but more bloat than bump probably. My bump didn't become proper baby bump until around 20 weeks when the top of the uterus reached my belly button. Then I really popped.

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    It's probably both, but most likely a lot of bloat.  I didn't really pop until this week.

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  • It's probably like 70/30 bloat to bump ratio ;)

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  • FTM too. The blump sucks but as a FTM you will take longer to bump out. I'm 21+4 and yesterday out of nowhere I am now officially bump not blump.
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    I am the same. Just now 20 weeks and I can finally tell I'm pregnant a little. I still feel bloated but I also drink at least 64 oz of water a day and eat everything I'd like. Coming in at 120 lbs pregnant I can't complain but I definitely see a difference with food and water intake. You will definitely be able to tell a difference once you pop out a little more.
  • I was the same way that early. I would get so bloated it looked like a bump, but it would be gone by morning. Then, around 20 weeks overnight it popped out of nowhere. You will be showing before you know it :) and then none of your clothes will fit. Lol
  • I was the same way around that time and for a few weeks after. Other people thought it was a bump, but I knew it was bloat and it was very uncomfortable.
  • could be the bump :)
  • It is probably largely bloat. I'm 23 weeks as of today, and honestly think it is still bloat/a fat pooch for me. Sigh. I'm sure I'll be extra round soon though, and so will you!
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  • OP we must be sharing a brain wave. Im 14 weeks 4 days to! I hope you get a nice bump soon. What do you guys think this? Just fat and bloat?
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