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  • Yikes! No, just no. What echo chamber does he live in where people think "dude" is a name?
    1. How will he be taken seriously in applying for jobs/college/scholarships?
    2. What happens if he decides on a conservative career such as law, medicine or politics?
    3. How many children in the U.S. were named this name recently? In my experience, the less people named this name (I'm talking under 10 instances a year) means it will not be accepted well.
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    I highly doubt I would tell someone to their face that their name choice is terrible. I think people are saying it's great because they don't want to offend your husband or don't know what else to say.
    I think naming a child dude is silly. I don't think anyone would take him seriously as an adult.
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  • A) No parent, mother or father, is allowed to be "ADAMANT" about a name. It took two of you to make said baby. It's going to take two of you parent said baby. If one parent says, "No, I'm not willing to name my child Dude," that should be the end of it. His (questionable) opinion is NOT more important than yours.

    B) If your name your child Dude, he is going to hate/ resent one or both of you for giving him a truly humiliating moniker by the age of 8.

    C) This name will NOT age well. Baby Dude? Not great. 20-something Dude trying to get a job? Not happening. Dude will never find a respectable career. Ever.

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  • lol what?

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  • Okay, so I'm going to come at this from another angle.  I actually know a Dude.  An adult Dude.  Who adopted the name legally because he preferred it to his given name.  Seriously.  He's a pretty successful guy and it suits him surprisingly well. 

    That said, he had a different name growing up, and picked this name on his own.  He chose it and did the paperwork to get it on his own.  He was a successful entrepreneur first, and then picked the name he liked best and changed it legally. 

    Even though I like him and think he's awesome, I won't lie.  I seriously thought "WTF" when I met him.  Because really, WTF?

    So although I know a Dude and he's great, STILL please don't give this name to your kid.  He will definitely get called Doody and have a hard time getting work.

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    Your husband is an idiot...dude.
    Surfs up Dude..that name is gnarly brah. Surf bum or not, he needs to seek mental help.

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  • One of my best friends growing up had a brother named Dude. I thought it was weird at first, but it totally fit him. It was odd in public though when we would call his name because everyone would turn around and stare at us...
  • Thanks for the LOL
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