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How do these names sound to American ears?

I'm Persian, husband is American. We are expecting our second baby girl. Our first born is named Leila (pronounced Lay la). We'd like to pick a Persian name that is easy to say for Americans and also doesn't sound odd. What do you think of these names? Any other Persian names you recommend? Thanks for your opinion.


Samira (Sa-mee-rah)

Mitra (pronounced Meet Rah)


Re: How do these names sound to American ears?

  • I like Samira. It is pretty, easy to pronounce, and goes well with Leila. She could go by Mira if you want a nickname.

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  • I like Samira as well.

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  • Thank you for responding. Would you keep the spelling as Samira or Sameera?
  • Keep it Samira. With a celebrity and more kids using that name, I don't see a problem with it. I like all three of your names, although Mitra is my least favorite, and I know how to pronounce all of them. Good choices!
  • I like Samira, as well. I would personally keep the original spelling :)
  • Linsbins, I live under a rock. I didn't know there is a celebrity named Samira. I'm now googling. :) Thanks for the heads up! Mitra is not my favorite, but funnily the American husband likes it. I prefer Minoo (Mina is taken already). He says no to Minoo.
  • another vote for samira

  • I like Samira and Mitra.
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  • Love Samira!
  • I almost voted for Samira but I think I love Mitra more, especially with Leila as a sibling. All beautiful names though!
  • I also like Samira, Roya would be second. Mitra doesn't sound as pretty to me

  • Samira is the only one I like out of the three.  The original spelling you shared is definitely the way to go.


  • Roya is very pretty.
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  • I like them all but Samira is my favorite!

  • Samira sounds pretty!


  • Samira is beautiful!
  • I like Samira, it's easy to say/spell
    And I've heard it before. Mitra is a little harder. I don't like minoo at all
  • Really like Samira!
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  • I think all three of your names are beautiful. In order, I like Samira, Mitra, then Roya. Mitra actually keeps growing on me the more I say it.

    I did a quick look at behind the name and found a few others I like: Maryam, Neda, Shiva, Yasmin/Yasmeen/Yasmina, Zahra, Ziba
    (Although full disclosure I am guessing at the pronunciation of these names as behind the name doesn't show it!)
  • Linsbins, I live under a rock. I didn't know there is a celebrity named Samira. I'm now googling. :) Thanks for the heads up! Mitra is not my favorite, but funnily the American husband likes it. I prefer Minoo (Mina is taken already). He says no to Minoo.

    My childhood friend Nika is Persian. I like her name. Her mother is Minoo.

  • I like Mitra, quite a bit. I know one through association, she is Persian and I've always thought her name was so lovely.

  • These are all beautiful names, but I like Samira the best. Nazfar is also a great name.

    I'm American and my husband is Persian. We're having our first baby, a boy. Sorry for the extra question here, but I would love to know what people think of these boy names too!

  • Rebis58 Neda was actually in the discussion and we like it  a lot. But it's pronounced Neh DA and my husband says it more like NEDA like really fast? I wish I could post a voice over to explain the difference.
  • I like Samira, very pretty and goes well with Leila!
  • elvie718, we just found out that this baby is a girl. But up until last week, we were also thinking of baby boy names. I really like Kian and Nima.  We already have two Kians in the family so we couldn't go with Kian but it's my favorite.

    Darius is really nice as well. So is Cyrus.

    I'd stay away from Rostam if I were you. To me naming my kid is Rostam is like naming him after Hercules. I feel like he'd be made fun of in the Persian community but that's just my thought.

    Congrats on your baby boy!

  • Thank you!
  • Another vote for Samira. It's beautiful. I have a colleague named Samira and she goes by Sammi, though I also like Mira as a nn.  
  • I actually like them all, but Roya is my favorite!
  • These are all nice. Also, Soraya and Roxana come to mind. We also have a Layla and considered these two for #2 :)
  • Another Samira vote here.
  • I had a supervisor at work named Roya and I always loved her name. So that's my vote! I have a daughter named Layla so I love that name too, and when I say the two of them out loud together I think they sound lovely.
  • Samira is my favorite, but all are easy to pronounce
  • They are all beautiful, but I like Samira and Mitra the most. 
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