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Glass bottles

Hi I'm visiting from jan 2016 and have a question if anyone has used glass bottles? I'm having my second child and have decided to use glass bottles this time around. I'm most likely exclusively pumping but on the off chance I'm able to nurse correctly (latch is good) I will need a bottle nipple like breast. I see a few different brands now make glass bottles. Just wondering if any are better for nursing and bottle feeding together

Re: Glass bottles

  • My son is ebf and just started drinking from bottles when I went back to work on Monday. We use the glass dr. Browns bottles- it is the only brand he would take. I use the 4 ounce bottles, as he drinks 3 ounces at a time.
  • I'm nursing almost exclusively receipt for one day a week he's babysat and I pump. We use the glass Avent bottles. It's the only ones we've used and we like them. I am going to try the Kiinde Twist bottles also because I like the idea of not pumping into a bottle, putting into a bag to freeze, then back into a bottle to feed. Those nipples are supposed to be good for breastfed babies but if you don't like them the kit comes with adapters to add your own nipple. Obviously this isn't glass (the milk stays in a bag) but might be nice if you're planning on pumping a lot. Good luck mama!
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  • The kit comes with adapters to add your own nipples??  I have the Kiinde bottles and nipples but never saw adapters for the nipples!!  That would be great
  • I bf and only use glass bottles, I bought about 5 different kinds and really like life factory! Goodluck
  • I exclusively pump too, I use dr browns bottle, my lo is almost 5 m, really recommend this bottle cuz it also helps reduce golic
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