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Help!!! My baby won't sleep!!!

My baby is almost 2 weeks old. She sleeps so good during the day (in her vibrating chair, bassinet, or in my arms).... But once it's night time all she wants to do is sleep in my arms. How do I get her to sleep in her bassinet at night. This mama needs some sleep!!! I can't hold her all night.

Re: Help!!! My baby won't sleep!!!

  • Do you swaddle? Rock n play? Some light music to get her to fall asleep?
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  • Yes, but the moment you put her down she is wide awake again. This only happens at night. During the day she is perfect.
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  • Maybe you could put a hot water bottle in her bed while you feed her and then take it out before you lay her down? The water bottle will warm her bed so the transition from the warmth of you to her cold bed isn't so sudden. You could also try white noise. My baby loves the "shhhh" sound. It to helps keep her asleep.
  • My LO is wide awake at night as well. But last night I tried a bath before bed then a feeding. I let her pass out on my chest and then she's so asleep when I put her down she doesn't wake up. It gets me a couple hrs of rest. Although if she has a dirty diaper that just screws it all up because when I change her she wakes...
  • try sleeping on a blanket of theirs to swaddle him with the next night. Having your smell can help him sleep. Also make sure that he's eating frequently enough during the day. It may be that he's hungry, but being against you is just so warm and snuggly that he falls asleep anyway?
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