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Ftm - is this poop normal?

I'm trying to figure out if my baby is having normal poops.... Sorry for the gross picture. She's 3 weeks tomorrow and the doctor keeps saying "mustard consistency with seeds" and hers is more watery and has strings of mucus. Is this normal? Should I bring her in?

Thank you for any advice!
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Re: Ftm - is this poop normal?

  • carleym93carleym93 member
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    Are you BFing? My baby started having poop like that and it was a milk/soy allergy. If you're BFing, try cutting that from your diet. If you're formula feeding, it may be worth your while to switch and see if that helps.
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  • FTM here who is breastfeeding. I haven't seen anything like that... just the mustard seed poop..

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  • victoriaaa1victoriaaa1 member
    edited August 2015
    Got this from my hospital when I was there hope this helps .
  • My LOs poop looks like how you explain also but he's formula fed . But pedi said its normal .
  • At least I'm not the only one with poop pics n my phone :) my DS appt is tomorrow. His looks like how you have described, but your pic looks to have little more mucous than my DS.

    I was told that could be a sign of an allergy, stay on your Dr if you dont see a change. It took almost a year for my DD to get her milk protein allergy diagnosed, you don't want that.


  • Looks like a food allergy poop. The amount and coloring is right for supplement/formula fed babies, not for EBF. Should look seedy if your LO is breastfed. Let the pediatrician see the picture and go from there. GL!
  • Agree that mucus means allergy!
  • My LO is 6 weeks old and hasn't had seedy poop for a couple of weeks. I mentioned it to the doctor but she didn't seem concerned. Are BF baby's poops always supposed to be seedy? I thought maybe it was just changing bc he was getting bigger or something
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be seedy, but mucus is usually a sign of an allergy.
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  • What if baby has mucus in his poop for a few days - a week but it goes away ?
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