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Home fragrances and product safety

I've recently started using wallflowers from bath and body works. Are they safe to use during pregnancy?

Re: Home fragrances and product safety

  • I have 3 of them . One in each bathroom and honestly I'm not worried about it even a little bit. If the scent is too strong and you are extra sensitive when it comes to scents right now it might make you sick but that's about it .
    I'm not sure how in the world a scent wouldn't be safe. You could always google it
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  • I don't see how they would cause harm. I prefer diffusing oils though just because the smell is less "artificial."
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  • Thanks! I've just been seeing where some "fragrances" can be toxic due to chemicals. Like candles. Been googling but haven't found anything specific to wallflowers.
  • Unfortunstely, way too many things are not considered "safe" when you get down to it. I've found articles on chemicals in everyday things being "harmful" like deodorant, makeup, body products, etc. But the way I see it is millions of other women have been using these products and still having healthy babies, so there's no use in obsessing over it like I was before.

    Wall flowers particularly, I don't see how they could be harmful. You're only smelling the product so it's not like a concentrated amount is being absorbed into your body. So I don't see how you could do any harm unless you were all out huffing the scents lol. I personally have one in my bathroom and I plan to keep using it.!
  • I use them too. Years ago I read an article stating that they caused infertility and cancer from the carcinogens, but I talked to BBW when I went to go return them and they assured me they were safe. I've since read about 5 articles that completely state the opposite of the first, so I feel better. They do smell amazing. 
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  • ugh there is one in our faculty workroom and it is SO strong it makes me sick. I want to unplug it, but the guy who put it there is a floater (like goes from classroom to classroom and doesn't have one of his own) , and his desk is in there... so I feel bad. But I have to sit in there for two periods when other teachers (including this guy) teach in my classroom, and I want to barf.


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