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Pooping -.-

So anyone having problems pooping? I used the search bar and didn't fine the responces I was looking for. Mostly because the questions asked weren't quite on the same line.

My question,
What has helped you get your bm's going? I know prunes are awesome, but that just makes me have diaherria afterwards. Sorry, tmi. Any advice?

Re: Pooping -.-

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    Collace as a stool softener. Once I stopped my pain meds it got easier to go. Kale smoothies and tucks for Hemmorhoids help. If u had em.
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  • I am still using the colace but also metamucil at least once daily seems to help make things happen which is what I think youre getting at here.
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  • peri-colace 2x a day helped get mine moving. I also took 1 dose of Milk of Magnesia to speed things up since I was so uncomfortable. Be careful with the MOM though, it will give you diarrhea if you take too much.
    Also, increase your water and fiber intake.
  • Colace twice a day and fiber gummies have kept me fairly regular (and managable). Good luck!
  • I made a double batch of bran muffins and have been eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner. And drinking "smooth move" tea and tons of water. It has really helped.
  • Raisin Bran, tons of broccoli and gallons of water made it happen for me. I'm 3 wks pp and I am still not regular.
  • Ty everyone, I'll try these tomorrow
  • I'm on iron pills which make me constipated and so I take stool softener daily. Fiber gummies helped through my pregnancy with constipation.
  • I have had issues with this my entire life, and before I was pregnant, I took MiraLAX every day. Had to stop the MiraLAX because the doctor didn't suggest it while pregnant. I have been taking Colace twice a day, taking fiber, and drinking over 100 ounces of water a day. It still doesn't work! I was so stopped up I was doing things that I'm not proud of to trying get it to come out. I would sit on the toilet for over an hour in pain, almost to the point of tears. I finally decided 2 days ago that I had had enough of it and started taking my MiraLAX again. I'm hoping that that kicks in really soon.
  • I'm also on iron so my midwife prescribed me a stool softener. The first 3 weeks or so pp I also drank apple juice and ate prunes to help
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