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Naming a tiny human is hard.

Hi there!
So, DH and I are ttc currently and I'm a tad obsessed with having names ready. I like to prepare as far in advance as possible for everything!

Anyways, we've gone back and forth on so many names and have found naming a girl impossible!

We have Greyson Michael H. if it's a boy.

Mom mentioned Harper but no idea what we would do for middle?

Please help! Open to so many suggestions, both genders!

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Re: Naming a tiny human is hard.

  • I'd say just start making a list of names you like. By the time you're pregnant and know boy/girl there's a good chance your opinions will shift. It's nice to have a list of ideas to work from but you definitely don't need set names already.

    Also, not much love for Greyson on this board. It's pretty trendy but a real name so it's a meh for me. Harper just always makes me think about her being a nag and harping on people. Check out sites like Nameberry or BehindtheName for name lists and related names to ones you like.
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  • Thanks! I appreciate it! I have been on Nameberry but will check behindthename!

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  • Definitely make a list. We made a list when we found out we were pregnant and weeks later my DH all of a sudden doesn't like names he suggested anymore. Over time it is funny now things change.
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  • I like Greyson Michael. Greyson (Or Grayson; not sure how it's usually spelled?) Is on my list of possibilities. Since we have similar taste in boy names, maybe you'll like some of my girl names? They are all pretty feminine and not super popular since that's my style.

    June (This one I like more for a middle name. We were married in June) 

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    Greyson and Harper are soo trendy.

    Keep looking :)
  • Greyson isn't terrible but NMS. Jack, Judah, Jonas, Grant, Riley, Ryan, Alexander, Leo, Elijah.

    I know at least 3 babies born recently named Harper. Suggest instead: Holly, Hannah, Ava, Lilliana, Charlotte, Penelope, Margot, Bridget.
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • Greyson aaaaannddd:

  • Yeah, don't stress too much about having names all picked out. Things change. With our first, we had a girl's name picked and then found out we were having a boy. Now with our second, we had originally set out to use the girl's name from three years ago but had to rethink things because that name has turned out to be more popular/trendy than we first realized. Which is a deal breaker for us.

    Make a list so you have a place to start from when you get pregnant. Other than that, no need to worry about it!
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