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Caroline or Carolina?

I love both! Last name rhymes with Ball and Carolina would be pronounced like the states :)
Also, middle name suggestions if you have them!
Thanks in advance!

Re: Caroline or Carolina?

  • I prefer Caroline. Great name!
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  • I love the traditional southern sound of this name. I have a love for both South and North Carolina so that's where my choice comes in :)
  • Caroline.  Save Carolina for your fabulous trips. :)


  • Caroline.
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  • I have an aunt named Carolina. We pronounce it two ways depending if we're speaking English/Spanish. But both names are pretty.
  • I love both, but if you're wanting a more underused name, I'd go for Carolina.
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  • Caroline

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  • Caroline. One of my top picks for a girl. I'm from North Carolina originally :-)

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    Naf of Carolina.
  • Caroline. One of my favorite names!!

  • I like Caroline much better. Caroline Ruth?
  • Caroline gets my vote because of having to say how to pronounce Carolina. Neither are bad but known pronunciation breaks the tie for me.
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  • I don't know. Originally I was going to agree with PP's and say Caroline but Carolina sounds really pretty out loud. Both are nice. Hmm. I'll stick with Caroline.

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  • 100% Caroline
  • Caroline

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  • Caroline out of the too. I would go with Catalina or something if you want "ina" ending. I just think of the states when I hear Carolina as a  name. 
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  • I always think of the Catalina Wine Mixer when I hear that name. It is a cute name; that movie ruined it for me.
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