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Breastfeeding and the pool...

I tried to see if this has been discussed already but didn't see anything... I have an almost 3 month old and a 3 year old. We want to take advantage of the pool pass we bought for the summer for my 3yr olds sake, but I'm hesitant about nursing my 3 month old at the pool... I usually only feed on 1 side at a time. And I still wear nursing pads 24/7 because of oversupply...
So my questions are, do you have any tips on nursing in a swimsuit, hiding uneven breasts, and advice on leaks?! All suggestions welcome to make me more confident that we can make this work ☺️

Re: Breastfeeding and the pool...

  • A thin muslin blanket or just your pool towel will work as a cover, or put a sun hat on baby that should cover most everything. Most people are going to assume baby is sleeping anyway!

    Leaking...I just get the reusable cotton pads and wearing them just like I would in my bra. Or, I always take out the liners in my suit, if you do that, just put them back in.

    Also, a water ring sling is a wonderful thing for taking baby in the pool with you.
  • Thanks @etayislove ! Where do u suggest looking to buy a water ring sling?
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  • Babywearing on a Budget group is good or look on Etsy, look for ones with althletic mesh for the body of the sling and aluminum or plastic rings.
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    I would rinse your nipples off before feeding so tht baby isn't consuming chlorine and other chemicals as well as all the germs from other people that are in the water.
  • I have fed my baby at the pool. Once she is latched, there's nothing to see. I didn't rinse off or anything. I think it is fine. I wouldn't worry at all about leaking. You'll be in water and no one will notice. Also, ruched swimsuits are your friend for hiding any uneven breast issues (which you will notice way more than anyone else does).

  • A block feed my DS; never occurred to me about unevenness, or cleanliness. I'm pretty naïve. :)

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