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Hey Ladies, 
  I cannot remember where I saw a registry thread, so I thought we can start one ( or maybe another one, I'm sorry don't kill me) here. STM(+)  can you ladies give us FTM some suggestions on what to put on our registries, what to skip, and what is a must? FTMs, what are you planning on purchasing? What have you purchased and why?  This can be a fun discussion ,way to keep the board alive, and a way to swap resources. Lurkers, please jump in and add your 2 cents as well! 

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Re: Registry Items

  • I literally used Targets checklist on the website and registered online. It was so helpful. Then I sent the link to three trusted people to check for mistakes. Feeling pretty confident with the end product.
  • Ive been purchasing a few things that I registered for when I found an a crazy deal. rather someone get me something else I need if I can get something on sale. for ex. I wanted 2 nursing pillows. I registered for the nook niche (thicker then bobby) and I have a neck injury so I need these to be easier on my body. So I bought one with an online coupon I found (20% off). I also bought the pack and play I wanted since it was on a crazy sale at nordstrom a little bit ago. I bought a handful of organic teethers that I wanted (with an online coupon from Finn & Emma- cute things)! I'm 
  • Planning on buying the glider and dresser for baby room. My parents are buying crib and mattress.
  • BRU has a list for their registry. The first item is cribs, so I click on it and it shows tons of different cribs. Pretty handy! We were going to use it as a checklist but it's just becoming too confusing. We'll now use it for the discount to buy a stroller/car seat.

    We're going to buy the recliner and stroller/car seat. We are being gifted a crib and playpen. I'm sure we will get tons of items for the shower as well, yay! Our little one already has a ton of clothes, it's so much fun to shop for little girls!
  • I registered on baby list but I went to a small baby store where I had Personal one on one for everything. It was an amazing and not overwhelming. I rec starting there and then you are more prepared to go to other stores
  • Baby where I'm able to put multiple registries and various items in one place
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    We are using baby list for all the random etsy stuff I want and for Amazon stuff. For the people that want to go the store we are using Baby's R Us. They also have a list of thing that are good to add to your registry so I've been using that.
  • If you're planning on buying furniture from
    BRU register for it first then buy it. You get 10% back of everything purchased off your registry in the form of a gift card (I think they send it after your due date) so if you buy your own off your registry, you're effectively saving about $100 :)
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    FTM here, so I can't share much about specific items, but I've learned a lot in the past two months about the registering process. I also used the combo of a BRU registry that I made in-store and an Amazon registry online.  Half of my family doesn't have a computer, so the BRU registry was helpful, but now that I'm closer to my showers (late Nov due date--fist shower next weekend) having the Amazon registry is super nice. 

     My computer-savvy relatives got to ship items directly to my house for free, even if they don't have amazon prime, which is good because I live 8 hours away from them and was worried about getting shower gifts back to my place in our tiny car.  Amazon also has a really nice thank you note section which gives you the name and address of the purchaser along side a link to what they bought you.  Since I'm that person who can't keep track of everyone's address, it's been really helpful. Amazon also had a ton of cheap kids books (some for $3 or $4) which will be nice for my college friends who don't have a ton of money but want to give something small. Also, Amazon has a 10% off completion discount which increases to 15% off if you use Amazon Mom (free if you have a Prime membership).

    I would definitely go to a place like BRU or BBB to try out strollers and car seats in person regardless of where you register.  We went to BRU and were able to leave them my license and take car seats and strollers out of the store to see how they fit in the car. Make sure you look up how to install car seats ahead of time as they can't do it for you.  It was incredibly useful and changed which car seat and stroller we ended up registering for.  On the other hand, make sure to price compare a little for yourself and the people using your registries.  We ended up registering for a BOB stroller on Amazon because it was a full $70 cheaper there than BRU.  BRU does do price matching, but I'm not sure my relatives would know that and I'd hate to see them spend extra money.

    Finally, if you get items you want to return but don't have a receipt, you can add the items to a registry at the store they came from after the fact and return them using the registry as your "receipt". We're planning on cloth diapering, so we'll probably do this if we get a ton of disposables.  I might end up making a registry at Target and Walmart just for this purpose.   I'm a FTM, so we haven't tried it out yet, but I've picked up that tip from some other ladies on Nov15 and Oct15.

    Hope that was helpful! 

    Side note: We're waiting until after the showers to buy any big items. A--my mom told us to wait and see what family might buy for us and B--I really want to use those completion discounts for big items.   I've heard furniture from BRU can take a weeks to get in though so that might be a consideration.  Our crib is from Amazon and ships in two days though so I'm not as worried. 
  • We are also waiting until after a shower to buy anything. I have purchased a few clothes at Goodwill and am so grateful for the few freebees that I have gotten at various stores. We are currently in a one bedroom apartment. And rather minimalist, so hopefully we won't get too much stuff! We will move in about 6 to 8 months. My brother and SIL will be giving us a crib, mattress, car seat, "and other stuff". I have a rocker from my grandma. We may just buy a stroller and swing, if we don't get them at the shower. Also, our family has an heirloom cradle that we'll use before we move, and the car seat of course. 

    My husband is a bee-keeper, so I did register for a lot of Burt's Bees clothes ;) 

    I registered at Target and Walmart as I'm not sure most of my family will or can order anything online.  
  • The registry checklist by Amalah on Alpha Mom is top notch and cuts out a lot of useless junk off or let's you know what's really more necessary. Plus she's hysterical and the 0 to 40 pregnancy calander is my favorite
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  • I will say she mentions a snot sucker. You want the NoseFrida. It seems so gross but that's the only thing that got us through years of allergies and illnesses with both kids. I think I own 3 now because i keep them everywhere when my kids are sick (also my dog ate one)
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  • @rxredhead I just found her about a week ago and I love her list, I really enjoyed her newborn clothes post! Living in a humid climate I am struggling with why a humidifier is on every registry checklist with no explination!
  • For me, the BOB stroller was a must have. I loved my old CHICCO carseat, but was not a fan of the stroller. With the online purchase or the bob I ended up getting the bob b safe infant seat free.
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